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How To Enable Java For The Chat Room

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Update 2006: To get to the newest chat room, you have to be logged into the board and click on Live Chat on the menu on the top of each screen.


To log into the chat room, place your cursor in the User name box and type in your registered User name and at the next window you'll need to type in your password (the same as for the board).


If you have any problems, read the screen below the chat room about JAVA SOFTWARE.


I receive questions from people having difficulty accessing the chat room because they're getting the message: "JAVA IS NOT ENABLED"


Important: I recommend downloading Sun Microsystem's Java Runtime Environment. I believe you'll see a big difference. It's what I use and I never have difficulty with the chat room (by the way, all chat rooms require Java).


Download Java software for Windows from Sun Microsystems


Then, reboot your system and try the chat room again.


Options: Follow the instructions below.


If you click on the link below, it will explain very simply how to enable java. Make sure you choose the right browser. The majority of people on the Web are using Internet Explorer (usually version 6.0 as that's the current version), so you'd choose the first option. If, however, you're using another browser, such as Netscape, follow the instructions given for that browser. If, for some reason, you're not sure which browser you're using, you can click on HELP on the menu and then ABOUT and it will tell you (this is true of every software you use).




After you've done this, restart your computer - then try going into the chat room. You shouldn't have problems getting into the chat room once you've "enabled java."



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I received an E.mail from someone who followed the above instructions on the link I provided -- but couldn't locate the "Java VM" area while trying to enable java. On my one year old desktop, it shows as Microsoft VM.


I researched it since I'd never heard of Java VM not being part of Internet Explorer so that people could easily enable java in their browser. Then I understood why she coulldn't locate it as you will see below. I can't understand why new computers are being shipped with Windows XP without the Java VM option.


Microsoft decided in their wisdom to no longer ship their Java VM with Windows XP, hence some people have it installed, and other's don't.


There is a page here which explains it:



There is a link on that page that will install the Microsoft Java VM for them:



When you click on the second link, it will prompt you to download the file (fix) if you find you don't have Java VM in your browser under:


Internet Options



Download the file, save it to your desktop (it's always easier to find downloaded files if you download them to your desktop). Double-click on ".exe" file to install and it will restore Java VM to your browser's Internet options.



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