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You can look at the top of these posts and there's a line that reads

Member List | Search | FAQ | Today's Posts | Stats | Problems? | Select Avatar


Click on "Search", then choose "by (username):" and type your name in there.


After you click on the button that says "Search", you should get links to all your posts.

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Good Morning


Are the boards experiencing some kind of jet lag? I love to read the Introductions posts. It shows that the most recent post to that thread is from Sitte on 3/11/04. However when I click on to that thread the last post I see is from ncotar(sp)? on 3/9/04. Thanks for any info. Have a wonderful day. Donna

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Yup!!!!!!! Right at the top of the message board, directly under the POWER SURGE MESSAGE BOARD logo on the left hand side, is a little link bar with: Member List | Search | FAQ | Today's Posts | Stats | Problems? | Select Avatar


Just click on the one that says Today's Posts! My FAVORITE place to click!!



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I've received some E.mails from some of you that insta-chat was "down." Like everything else in this medium (and in life), sometimes there are glitches that need to be worked out. Insta-chat is a program I use that's NOT on Power Surge's server. Therefore, I don't have access to it and can't do the routine troubleshooting I'd do with anything on Power Surge's server. When situations like this occur with insta-chat, I can only recommend: 1) be patient until it's restored, 2) use the chat room by going to LIVE CHAT on the menu and/or 3) post on the board

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Originally posted by Gez

Is the insta-chat down or is it me having computer problems?


Love Gez


Gez, the insta-chat has been down for a while today. It'll come back eventually. Unfortunately, it's on another server, so I don't have much control over it. I'm sure by later today or tonight, it'll be up again. I guess those are the inconveniences we sometimes have to settle for -- not too unlike menopause :D
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Oh sure Mary......JOKE:D


But what about me???? My days (okay ...DAY as in ONE) have been empty!!!


I mean......Did Ms.Beaner's dog have her puppies??? Did tris get a date???? DID P BURN HER BITS???? Did Amanda sleep through the night?? Did moozie get her office moved?????? IS CHRIS BIPOLAR TODAY??????:D




(and incase nobody has figured this out... I am JOKING.......I'm always grateful for anytime I have on PS!!- Thanks Alice!!)

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Me, too, Leanne - though I was dying to get all caught up after two weeks away. We can just use this as the non-insta-chat, right? Caught a brief glimpse this morning and the all but one of the puppies was fine. Then I lost it, alas.


How are you?



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Originally posted by jimi

.......OK! - stop foolin around - WHO TOOK THE EDIT BUTTON?

The "Edit" feature has been removed from the boards for a very simple reason. People would start or post in topics and if others disagreed with them, or they weren't happy with what they'd posted, they'd go in and delete it. That, alone, wouldn't be a problem if so many people hadn't responded - and by removing their post, it would make the entire thread sound disjointed and would result in confusion.


So, just use the "Preview Post" before posting and you don't have to worry about editing later. If, on the other hand, you've included something in the post like an E.mail address or phone number - something you don't want in the message, send me a U2U message or E.mail me by clicking on icon at the bottom of any of my messages and I will remove what you want removed.

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christinem, if you click on the word "INDEX" on the menu above the message board, or you click on "power-surge.com Forum Index at the top and bottom of every topic, it will take you to the main list of boards where you can select a suitable subject and ask any questions you wish.


Also, I recommend every newcomer click here to read the Welcome Newcomers message.

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You may come across answers to questions that had to do with the previous message board which had a different format from this one.


Answers to questions prior to Oct. 26, 2004 pertain to the previous board.


You'll find answers to most of your questions by clicking on FAQcolor> on the menu at the top.

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To those of you who have written to tech support or me, or just those who have wondered, yes, the insta-chat is down today. I'm well aware of it. Unfortunately, since this feature isn't on Power Surge's server, I have no control over it. It's actually the reason I decided on this program/feature -- because it IS on another server other than Power Surge which results in less of a drain on Power Surge's server (which is already taxed enough).


However, I have noticed that it's been quite persnickety over the past month. It has nothing to do with this new message board.


If the down times continue as they have, I will have no choice but to look for another program to replace it with.


Please bear with us while the problem is resolved. Sometimes I think it was easier having children by natural childbirth than it is to run a Web site like this one :D


Thanks for your patience.

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