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I'm Way Behind...

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I see there are posts that need to be moderated and PMs that need to be answered.

I haven't been online much lately because my Mom fell a bit ago and broke her pelvis in 2 places. 

Then, they found bleeding in her abdomen and took her from Fair Oaks to Fairfax Hospital for possible emergency surgery. They did a new scan at Fairfax and found that the bleeding had stopped or slowed considerably so they decided to hold off on surgery until the morning.  

That the bleeding was stopped so no surgery would be required at this time.

There was extensive rehab plus more internal bleeding and back to the hospital.

Her condition keeps changing and I'm not sure how that will affect my life on any given day. 

She's home now but then my DH was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He's had lots of scans, biopsies, doctor appointments. His cancer is too big/advanced for surgery so in an hour, we meet with a new doctor, a Radiation Oncologist.



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Oh Mary, I'm so sorry to hear of all you have going on.  Don't worry about anything else, concentrate on your loved ones, they are much more important.  Take Care, I'll be praying that all will turn out well.  Jen

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Ah, I should have come back and checked this thread sooner.

Since I posted that, DH has finished with daily radiation and had 16 radioactive seeds injected around the perimeter of his prostate.  Hopefully, that keeps the cancer at bay for a long while.

My mom is doing better but is now in kidney failure - only 3 stages out of 4.  At last check, her creatinine levels were too high and the doctor was concerned about possible dialysis in her future.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers!  

On the bright side, our son is getting married in October so I got to get a pretty dress :)

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