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For Those who had the Weird Issues over the last few days...

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It was the Shoutbox causing the problems. Not too many people used that anyway. It has been temporarily disabled but it might come back if I can see that it has been upgraded.


The boards have been upgraded, but not much. We went from 3.2 to 3.4.8


Thanks so much for your patience!

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The new boards are still loading/indexing and there are a few features that aren't working yet - but I hope that they will when everything is reindexed.

If you have trouble with any of the new features, please post here and we'll try to help.

Thanks for your patience!

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The boards are finished indexing now and (most) everything should be working now.

There are many new features, including "Recommendations and Reputations".

To use this, look at the bottom right of any post.  You'll see a heart icon.  You can click on that to "like" a post or expand it for other options.  There are no negative icons, only positive:)

I may be adding more later.

Screenshot 2017-10-27 09.08.00.png

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I had some trouble figuring out how to attach my Facebook and Twitter accounts to my profile.

If you do, too, here's how.

Up at the top rightish, find the little down triangle to the right of your name.

Click on that and choose Account Settings and edit your info.



Screenshot 2017-10-28 14.08.16.png

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Mary - I'm having issues trying to go to the last post on a topic, it brings me to the very first one and then I have to scroll down to find the last one.  Is there a shortcut I can use like on the old site?  I hope I explained that right.  Thanks!


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