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I got a question from someone who wasn't sure how to get to the list of all the topics here.




(click on the image thumbnail to view full size)


The link, if you want to bookmark it is http://powersurge.invisionzone.com/index.php?/index


Click on stuff and see what happens!

Hey Mary O,

Bless your heart we are in like flint ha ha bless your heart.


God bless you

Tinks gone loca ha ha

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I tried to search under my profile / content to see the I threads I had participated in over the past 4 years...and my search was limited to the past year only. How do I find my prior contents?

Thanks-- ☺️

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Hi Annie,

You will need to do a full search because your content will be limited to the past few years. Enter your member name and the date that you joined here as if you are doing a full search. If you click carefully on the search date it should enable searches right back to 2003.

You must have a start date and an end date in the search date boxes. All posts from 2003 for every member, are archived and available to you.

Do remember to tick the 'as posts' box and the ascending box and this will bring up your posts from day one until the present day as long as you put todays date into the second date box.


Hope this helps.......

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