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The Previous Boards - Questions and Answers

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Addendum: This topic was for the previous boards.color> You'll find an area to read or ask questions about this current new board at Having Board Problems?This topic will be removed in a few days.If you have any questions about these new boards and you can't find the answer by clicking on HELP at the top of every screen, post your questions here or click on Problems? Click Here on the menu at the top and E.mail will be sent directly to tech support.

Post all questions about the boards in this topic. Thank you for your cooperation.

The entire Power Surge Web site is in the process of moving to a new server. This current message board is the newest of many message boards we've had. ?Some of you have requested access to the "old boards." ?All 25,000+ messages have been moved and archived on the new server.

For those of you who've been with us a while and would like to read the old boards, they have been archived here. The archives, however, are read-only.

Thank you!


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If you don' want your name to automatically be added to the bottom of your post .....you just click off ?the check mark. ? I left it alone and ended up having my name down twice. ?Once when I typed it in at the end of my post and again ?with the signature thingy being on!!!Hope that made sense.....I too feel like I'm in a candy store!!

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Quote: from Snowbird on 12:59 pm on April 29, 2001[br]Never mind....I figured it out!!! *Grin*

Huggers ;)~*)(__///

From the looks of your posts, Nancy, you haven't done it right. Click on PROFILE at the top of the page. Once in the "Modify Profile for Snowbird" scroll down to the last choice - SIGNATURE. It will say:

"Signature:Please enter a signature to be included with each post. 3 lines only."

You can either copy and paste, or type in the signature you want to appear at the bottom of your messages. So, if you want this...

~*)(__///Nancy / Snowbird

... type it in and click SUBMIT and whatever you put in the SIGNATURE window will appear at the bottom of every message you post. When you post a message, you should see a check mark in the box next to "Do you wish to add your signature?" ?That should do it :)

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Try clicking on PROFILE at the top of the screen - go in and change your password. After that, click on LOG OUT at the top. Then, close your browser and reopen it. Come back and try to log in again and see if you have the problem.

It would be a good idea for everyone to log out when they're finished. I don't remember myself half the time, so it looks like I'm sitting here when I'm not.

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Quote: from Meryl on 3:21 pm on May 1, 2001[br]Another outstanding effort, Alice! ?I love the new boards! ?Thanks again for providing such a wonderful forum for all of us!


Oh, Meryl, great to see you here. You just reminded me that I owe you an E.mail :( Don't be mad. I just can't keep up with E.mail anymore. I should be drawn and quartered.

In any case, it's great seeing you here. Glad you said hello. What's Power Surge without our menobud, huh? Please come back soon, ok?

Hugs back,

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If you don't know how to PURGE YOUR CACHE, ask and I'll tell you -- or MaryO, who's also a ?board moderator and my wonderful friend and assistant for six years will help, or any other person who's familiar with clearing their cookies (and I don't mean EATING them) :)

Purging your cache is something everyone should do who surfs the Web. Every page you go to downloads files to your computer and if you don't clean those files out on a regular basis, they build up and it'll slow down the loading of the pages you visit on the Internet.

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MaryO or Dearest,

Clarify purge your cache please. ?Does this also mean to keep the messages built up in the message area deleted of old messages? ? ?Also does the e-mails we post to friends here clog up or overwork the power surge boards over time if not deleted? ?


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Hi, Jeanne, Kari & everybody! ?

Re passwords, I don't know how my computer managed it, but my password is "saved" for me everytime I go to post.. the Password line is filled up with the little stars that "hide" your password..

Like Kari, I would like to know if you can reply to just one message in a list, or if the new Boards are meant to show all posts in a topic, and you just add the most recent one at the bottom?..

Re chucking, whoops I mean clearing your cookies... I have the Guard Dog program - it's great. ?Cleans off web files & cookies that have been left behind by all the websites you've visited.. Helps a lot!!

HUGS and hope we all get the hang of this!


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Quote: from Jean on 11:32 am on May 2, 2001[br]Purge your cache? Sounds definitely bulimic!!!

Chuckles from Jean

Jean,Love your post!! ?LMBO!!It does sound drastic....not sure about it myself....don't have to...my son...the 'puter genius around here, does all that purging for me.....sooooo....I leave all that complicated stuff up to him....besides he's put enough of ?his own money into this machine...If I broke or purged anything....I'd ?be the one leaving home!! ?*GIGGLE*(((Hugs)))

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I cant read the messages very well---the printing is soooooo tiny.

These are the messages that come to me when someone clicks to email me directly from one of my posts.

Is there any way to change the colours. Maybe if the tiny writing was on a lighter colour, my meno eyes could decipher the letters.....


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Before reading, you may want to use the "Email" feature at the top of this thread of messages and send a copy of this to yourself for future reference and to have handy while purging your cache, OR you can copy this message into a file to save or print out for reading offline.

When you use the Internet, you have to purge your cache. These are files that build up on your computer because every time you open a Web page, it downloads everything on that page to your computer. Needless to say, when all these files are stored on your computer, there can be thousands of them.

Unless you clean them out of your machine (purge), it will slow you down on the Internet. These files are "dumped" into your ?"C:WindowsTemporary Internet Files" directory.

AOL MEMBERS andInternet Explorer users: ?

In AOL 5.0, go to the menu at the top of the screen. Click on "My AOL" ?==]> Preferences ==]> the "WWW" icon

In AOL 6.0 or 7.0, click on "Settings" ==]> Preferences ==]> Internet Properties (WWW)

In Internet Explorer, click on TOOLS and INTERNET OPTIONS.

On AOL or Internet Explorer, It defaults to the screen with the GENERAL Tab window open. In the middle of the Window, you will see, TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES.

1) Click on DELETE FILES. A window will open asking, "Delete all files in the Temporary Internet Files folder?" Click on "OK"

2) Do the same thing on that same Window for the HISTORY area. ?

--Click on CLEAR HISTORY and then click on Ok when it asks if you want to delete all your history files.

That's called purging your cache. It will prevent pages in your memory from loading and will also allow you to suft the Internet faster when the cache is cleaned up.

This is a diagnostic you should do at least once a day.



IN NETSCAPE: click on EDIT and PREFERENCES. Scroll to ADVANCED and double-click on it. Highlight CACHE

On the right side of the screen, you'll see two buttons.

1) Clear Memory Cache2) Clear Disk Cache

Click on each one and you'll get a message about clearing the cache. Click "OK" and that will purge your cache in Netscape.


If you followed the instructions, it should have removed the bulk of files downloaded from the Internet every time you visit a page. ?There may be files remaining, namely "cookies" which you can remove in Windows Explorer.

To get to Windows Explorer:

--Right click on the "Start" button on the task bar.--Click on "Explorer"--Scroll down to the "C:WindowsTemporary Internet Files" directory--Highlight all those files and delete them.

Do the same in:C:WindowsCookies

You can do that by clicking on the top file in the list, choosing EDIT from the menu at the top, then choose SELECT ALL, and click on FILE and DELETE. ?Be sure you're only deleting files in the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES ?directory/folder.


If you want to read more about cookies, visit http://www.cookiecentral.com

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Dearest,      How do I respond to someone that just entered the introduction part without re-introducing myself?                                                                Kellie

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Is there any way of checking the messages that have been read rather than scrolling through all of them every time you check the boards?  This becomes rather time-consuming when you just want to check for new messages.

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Quote: from Kate on 9:03 am on May 7, 2001[br]Is there any way of checking the messages that have been read rather than scrolling through all of them every time you check the boards? ?This becomes rather time-consuming when you just want to check for new messages.

Very near the top, there's a feature that says Check For New Messages. ?That will bring up the new posts since you were here last.



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Quote: from kellie on 11:09 am on May 5, 2001[br]Dearest, ? ? ?How do I respond to someone that just entered the introduction part without re-introducing myself? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Kellie

Update: As of Nov. 2001, the private messenger feature has been removed from these boards, so please ignore any references to "private messages."

Kellie, you don't have to reintroduce yourself. Just scroll to the bottom and click on "Reply" and you might want to type their name in your reply, so they know it's for them.

Other options, you can also go to their message and look at the little icons at the top of the message. If they have left their E.mail address public, you can click on E.mail and send them mail directly, or you can click on "Message" and send them a private message using the boards little message feature. When someone has a private message waiting, they will see in the upper righthand corner "You have a message" -- just click it on and you can read your private messages. ?I will send you one to show you how it works. You can try it yourself by clicking on "Messenger" on the menu at the top of the screen.

You might also want to click on "Help" on the menu at the top to answer any other questions you may have. ?

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How do you activate those emoticons? ?I saw the legend about the various ones and they are so cute! ?How do you insert the different ones in your message? ?I have checked the emoticon feature......in the past I have only used the smiley ?or frown face in my post and now we have a range of emotions....!

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Click on the blue words that say Emoticons are enabled on the left and a popup window gives you the code to use.  Usually, they involve a colon at the start or start and end.  you can make spiffy things like...

:):(;):o:angry::biggrin::cheesy::confused::cool::sad:   and:shocked:


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I have a question about the post markers. ?After I read a particular forum, I click on the post forum as read which works for that forum. ? Then when I log back on at another session it shows no post marker...so this works to show I have already read this...

But when I click on "mark all posts as read" on the main page, all the post markers come back up on all the forum names and it is like they have not been read.Why is that? ?Wouldn't that be an easy way to just mark everything as read when we are through for that day? Instead when I log back on again, they are all marked as unread for every forum...????

Thanks for any clarification. ? I have read the help section and it has not made it clear for me.

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My tech support people are looking into the "mark all posts as read" problem. Hopefully, it will be resolved as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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Quote: from flash on 2:57 pm on May 23, 2001[br]Dearest,Can you tell me how to find the old message boards? ?I assume they are now archived, but I don't know how to get to them and would really like to get some info from them. ?Thanks! ?

Scroll up to the top of this page and click on "Power Surge Quick Links." Scroll down until you see "Message Boards" and under it "Archives" and that's where you'll find the previous, archived messages.


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