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I tried to post this in the Board, Blog, Chat & Site Info -- Questions, Problems section, but it wouldn't let me.




When people are blocked what happens?


If I block someone, can they send me messages or see my posts? What does block actually do?



Some of the threads on the Board, Blog, Chat & Site Info are ANNOUNCEMENTS. You can't post on an announcement thread.



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You can block members from sending you PMs. You can also choose to "ignore" posts from members. I find that hard to do because the post still comes up although it is blank- so you know it is there-and of course the inclination is to click the "unignore" button and read it anyway :lol:

You can't block someone from reading your posts on the public boards though....

Hope that helps


janet c


Yes, that helps, thanks Janet! I don't want to block anyone from reading my posts or anything.. I was just wondering how it worked.

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