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This is to inform you that tomorrow night, Wednesday, Oct. 29th, OR Thursday morning, Oct. 30th (I'll keep you updated), the board is going to be upgraded.


That means the board will be offline for a few hours. Again, at this moment I don't know the exact time, but will post it here and in the ANNOUNCEMENTS ON EVERY FORUM when the board will be offline during the upgrade.


The reason for the upgrade is the same reason that I had to remove the Insta-Chat. In the past few weeks more than 1,000 spam-bots have registered for the board. Many of you saw what they did in Insta-chat, posting links to pornographic and other inappropriate (more aptly, disgusting) sites. I've had to manually suspend as many of those accounts as I could. I stopped at 450 because I just can't do it any longer.


The saving grace is that this problem isn't on the Power Surge message board alone, but these spam-bots hit thousands of sites' message boards. Therefore, the company that makes this board is aware of this serious problem and has an upgrade to, hopefully (fingers, toes, eyes crossed) resolve the problem.


In any event, for those of you who know already and for newcomers, I try to cover all bases, so in the event this board is taken offline for an upgrade or maintenance, or we've run into a problem we need to resolve, there's a temporary (secondary) Power Surge board you can use here:




Once there, you might want to bookmark it (make it a favorite) for future use.



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Hmmm, that site won't let me sign in with my name, password, or email address??!!


That site is not connected to this one. Click on "Sign In" at the top and register with the same information you have here.


Dearest :)

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Thanks Alice for letting us know. I hope you get the problem sorted out.


The nasty hackers should be strung on a closeline so we could all hose them down lol.


Hope it all goes well for you.


Take care from Deb :D

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Guest EveningPrimrose

Hello Dearest -


I've reported some users to the administrator as I didn't want to bother you too much knowing how unwell you've been. I'm surprised there are as many as 1,500 registered spammers -- that is a very large number. I hope the upgrade resolves the problem.


Hope you are feeling better these days --

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This is to inform you that Thursday morning, Oct. 30th, the board is going to be upgraded.


The upgrade is scheduled to begin between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM, eastern time. I'm unable to provide the specific time.


If you read the top message, you'll see the info about the temporary board I use in situations like this. Just a reminder if you feel a need to communicate with one another, the temp board is at:





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Thanks Dearest. I hope all goes well and you wont be down to long. This is a great site. I love it. I hate that they awful people out there have tried to ruin a good thing. Have a great day, to all.



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Darn hackers they are so miserable they have to make us be miserable too. Get a life you morons!!!!Dearest you need an award for all the hard work you do!!!Bless your heart and we know your not feeling good at times

either. Thankyou so much for what you do. Great big hugs!!!
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trick or treat!


what a treat you continue to gift us with, Dearest.

thank you for the time and effort you continually give to keep the site informative,

interactive, interesting, current ...



oodles of candy coated halloween hugs & thanks,






...may the


be on all the hackers, spammers, hoaxers!



hope the spell's been cast!




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