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  1. you too hope you get to feeling better-

  2. Nice talking to you.

  3. can i change my time to the 12 hr times from the military times?
  4. Is there a way i can save a topic if i am unable to reply at that time--so i can come back and reply later?---without writing it down on a piece of paper or something---if i press the add to favorites button it will put that topic on my favorites about 50 times, and if there are a few that i have put in my favorites then i have pages and pages of the same thing---then if i try to delete one--they all are deleted---please help
  5. I have a silly question and it may be answered somewhere else--but so far i haven't found it---and at times i get so mixed up and frustrated i forget what i'm looking for ---anyway---when you go to a topic, and there is the button at the top saying "add to favorites" ---when i do that and then go to my favorites later---i have about 20 entries (?SP) of that same topic---then if i check just one and push the delete button the whole favorite page disappears. Does anybody else have this happen--or am i doing something wrong??--(i only press the add to favorites button once) Melody
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