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  1. Hi. I am new on here! I like your Bible verse - I have that in my kitchen and on the wall by our stairs. I also liked your "prickly skunk" that wasn't intended. I think that might be very accurate!!! I am your age - and have been having life altering symptoms for 6 years now, acute symptoms for 3 years.. I think I've been having several symptoms for 10 years or more. The good of it has been coming more clear to me in recent months - complete surrender to God. And He has been turning it into much good despite the suffering. I am thankful for that because it sure has been life changing to go through this. I'm still hoping to come out the other side better than I was to start. I think I have shared many of your symptoms, though I haven't had much of the internal shaking, the rest sounds very familiar. Ashley 😊

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    2. culpgang6


      Are you on Facebook? If not we could email.  I would love to talk.  

    3. AshleyB


      Hey. I'm not on facebook. Would love to email

    4. AshleyB


      My email has my name in it, which I would love to share with you, but without a public post : ) Do you have an email that doesn't have your name in it that you can share here? 

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