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  1. Well I thought I’d been through it all with PM but I have a new symptom. Breast tenderness. It’s really freaking me out. I’ve had a ropey feeling thing in my right breast for about three years or at least that’s when I first noticed it. It seems to swell and deflate with my cycles. This cycle it is inflamed, hurts, as do my ribs on that side. My nipples are also extremely sensitive and I have blue veins erupting all over my freaking body!!! What the??? Went to my GP and she again offered Xanax and did a thorough breast exam as I refuse to get a mammogram. She didn’t feel anything funky and didn’t seem concerned about the ropey thing. To calm me though, she did order a breast ultrasound which is this Wednesday and my anxiety is through the roof just thinking about it. I don’t think I can do this you guys. Has anyone else experienced this?
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