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  1. Me too!..Thank you MaryO!💕💖. I was getting advice from other posters when it went down. I thought it was gone for good as well. I go here for reference and research.☺
  2. Now my breasts itch, both of them. A little red where I've scratched. Thinking the worst (ibc)?? Hope not! As everyone can tell i do have health anxiety as far as breast health goes!
  3. Thanks Mojo.....I have been anxious about that area ever since Nese, my coworker, passed away in January 2017. That's a long time to be scared. Hence why I unintentionally drive my mom crazy with checking it over and over each day. The good thing is I don't smoke or drink. I am taking daily vitamin d3/vitamin k2 which is supposed to be chemo protective along with a few other supplements. Got to the point that I don't trust medical professionals with mammograms and breast cancer because I saw that Nese did everything she was told to do. She tried to talk me out of using HRT and finally I
  4. CConard, Just wondering how you were able to get an u/s without a mammogram? Are you younger than 50? I have heard they will give U/S only to younger women because they generally have denser breast tissue than women my age (54).
  5. Hi Mojo, I also read the same thing about BC not causing tenderness. Ever since my coworker passed away from (familial, she did not take HRT) BC I have been OCD about BC especially since I took hrt off and on for 2 years. Now I notice every twinge, discomfort, itch, bump, vein etc. Luckily I have my mom i can talk to most of the time but there are times when she gets tired of hearing it. Not her fault because it the roles were reversed and my mom went on the way I have about the fear of BC, I 'd be annoyed too.
  6. About 3 days or so. I had a mammogram last August and everything was fine, suppposedly. I read on the internet it's common as you come close to menopause.
  7. I'm having this in one nipple, the left one. I hate mammograms as well; I'm afraid of the radiation even though it's supposedly miniscule. I think it adds up but that's just my theory. I did have a negative mammogram last August. I would love to have an ultrasound by itself but I'm having a hard time finding a place that will do an ultrasound without a mammogram.
  8. Me too Mary. Praying for your family as well. I'm really sorry that your are going through all of this.
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