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    crosswords, people watching, reading newspapers, magazines, I just plain reading anything I can.

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  1. Glad PS is up and running again

  2. From what I remember, I think you'll be able to do these things after a certain amount of posts or responses to posts.I remember I would log in and read,respond and after a while I was able to do anything I wanted.
  3. The past and the future

  4. HI Mary Umm, I clicked under my name (in the top right corner of main forum page) and it says nothing about blogs at all. It just says to manage profiles/content/ etc etc. Thanks for your help, BUt I am still lost, not computer savvy at all I'm afraid.
  5. Apparently I cannot start a thread here, so I can only pose this question hoping someone will respond. How do I start a blog? Thanks
  6. Can someone tell me how to start a blog? I have gone to the blog section, I have gone to my settings, my profile, I see nothing I can click to start my own blog here. I have read the guidelines for blogging section, and it said something about "if your allowed to start your own blog" something to that effect anyway, so maybe I'm not allowed? If so,why am I not allowed? and when will I be allowed? Help
  7. I don't see "my controls" anywhere, everytime I go to my settings,I can't do anything. I'm confused.
  8. Not sure if I'm where I should be, but...... How do I start my own blog?
  9. I thought something was wrong with my computer, then got worked up about having to call my cable company. Geez. Glad your back.
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