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  1. Thank You for keeping us updated Mary Tanya
  2. YES WE ARE !!!!! STILL HERE MY BEAUTIFUL SISTERS THANK YOU MARY !! for fighting so hard to keep this alive
  3. Flip , send Mary a Private message for an invite
  4. Hi , just wanted to leave this note in appreciation of all you have done for me

  5. Happy Birthday Tanya!!

    1. spazz/tanya


      Thank You So much for the birthday wish Marie<3

  6. Hi Jojo , WELCOME to PS !!! Look forward to talking to you ...... Your PS Sister Tanya

  7. Hi Catrina , Have not seen you post for awhile ? Just wondering where you are ? Hope you had an Awesome Christmas and Wonderful New Year !!

  8. Hi Becky , And welcome to the PS Sisterhood !!! You will find alot of warm , wonderful and supportive Women here... With alot of knowledge to share !!!

  9. Love your profile comment !! I feel exactly the same way about BULLIES !!! Thankfully they are fewer than the wonderful women here.....

  10. Just dropping by to say HI!!!

    1. MarieB2010123


      Hi Spazz/Tanya.....just saw this now, I'm afraid, as I am STILL getting used to the new system - haaa! Hope you are doing well today.....many hugs, Marie

  11. Missing you and your Positivity on the site...........

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