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  1. Hi Fin...

    Made it through the earthquake and hurricane without any damage. :)

    Those hugging bears of your's...are the cutest. Thanks, for thinking of me.

    Much Love to 2

  2. ((((((((Huggers))))))

  3. (((((Big Hug))))) Thinking of you. Hope you are safe in this hurricane. We are only getting rain.

  4. Oh My! Everybodys ok, right? Thats awful Yep and so scary! This crazy weather! My daughter just told me their subdivision got hit hard too. Bless you and your family. I hope all will get better soon. ((((Extra Big Hug)))))) to you and yours.

  5. I "ditto" the profile pic... :)

  6. Hey Fin :)

    Wanted to thank u for the hug.

    Had a small tornado come thru hit son's house, and trees.

    As usual it's been crazy around here. Trying to find time to see the baby...and toting tree limbs and branches. His insurance, covered just about zip...."act of God"...isn't everything...an act of God?

    So...here's a {{HUG}} right back at you my friend. Hop

  7. Sending you a ((((((((Hug))))))) today!!!

  8. Hi SugarJo! Welcome!

  9. Hi Finola -

    I just wanted to tell you I love your new profile picture! Sometimes that's just what we need on PS - a little lightheartedness. Regards, Marie

  10. Those Diaper Cakes..amazing! Love them! ((Hugs))


  11. Sending (((((Hugs))))))


  12. Hi Gracie, I hope you dont leave. You are kind and sweet. (((Big Hug)))

  13. Hi Rendy! Sending you Hugs!!!


  14. Gracie, Just dropping by to say Hello and (((Hugs))) Have a good day!


  15. Hey Fin...I hope im not worng...but I think today is your Bday...so happy Birthday kiddo....

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