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  1. hello annette! how have you been? i'm so glad you stopped by to leave me a note...it's sooo hot here. i bet sweden is beautiful right now...i hope all is well with you? things are okay with me.

  2. Just wanted to say hello, how are you doing? all the best


  3. And hi to you, hope ypu are ok.take care

  4. Just stopped by to say HI. Hope you are well.

  5. Agela, your message inbox is full, just realised that you started a group on facebox, didn't get it earlier, will get back to you

  6. Hi angela you to

  7. hi pusta! have a great day!

  8. Hi sewden 15 c, rainy and windy.

    might aswell be november, how hot is HOTT, think i prefer that, hope you are ok, take care An

  9. hi! sorry i haven't responded, have had a lot going on! hope you are well?? how is the weather? texas is HOTTT!!

  10. angela did you recive my message?

  11. hi annette! hope you are over those night sweats! have a great week! do you still take femal balance?

  12. you removed, "be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle"

    I think that is one of the best i ever heardn it is i good guide line for life. Anx

  13. Hi, tonigt it was a bit better, how are you doing Angela are you ok Anettex

  14. how are your night sweats, any better? thinking of you! have a good weekend!

  15. good to here you are hanging in , got terrible night sweets and feel realy strange, just wanted to make sure you are kind of ok.Anette

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