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  1. God bless you Mary. This hasn't been easy for you and we know it. Thank you for taking on such a labor of love. Alice's legacy lives because of you. Xo, Annie
  2. To all of my meno partners-- Today the realization hit me that the secure, constant, reassuring place I've turned to help me sort thru my peri-meno journey is going away. It feels like someone pulled the floor from beneath my feet, yet I'm so grateful for the fact that Alice/Dearest had the foresight to create this site all those years ago, and for the wonderful support I've received and shared while here. I believe in my heart that this place quite literally kept me sane when no one else could figure out what was wrong with me. I'm not kidding. I'm weepy today, and it isn't my hormones t
  3. The Facebook page? How do we find it, and how do we protect our privacy? I like flying under the radar with my intimately personal questions. Am grateful for this site, and sorry to hear about Alice. In time, would really love to know what happened. Somehow she has become like a dear friend to many of us--not in the sense that you were, Mary. But never the less, I'm really sad about losing her. Bless your heart.--A
  4. Anyone else unable to pull up 24 hour updates? I have my settings on "last 24 hours" / forums, but I keep getting bounced off the forum selection, and the thing keeps insisting on using the filter "just topics I started" (won't let me choose "forums").
  5. Everything is loading really slowwwwwllllyyyy...... Wonder what's up.
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