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  1. hi pusta! i hope you're well. you asked about my worst symptom--i think it's fatigue and muscle pain. i am doing pretty good emotionally, thank goodness. hope you have a great day!!

  2. have a great day marie!

  3. pusta, sounds like you were really hit hard. i'm sorry, but seems like you are getting better. very glad for you. hang in there!

  4. hey, i looked online after we spoke about gall stones, there are supposed to be some herbal remedies to help you pass them. hope you were able to get some sleep. take care!!

  5. hi bellybean, or should i call you marjorie? ha. just so you know, i would totally rush you(or anyone on this site) to the hospital on the days that you are dying. :)

  6. hey ms. buff, just wanted to say hello. hope you're well.

  7. Good luck!! Sending good vibes.

  8. is about 10-15 minutes away.

    i will let you know how the process unfolds. ALSO, i had chronic diarrhea and my gastro, after the colonoscopy, said he thought it was just IBS and put me on a heavy duty pro-biotic and man that has really helped!

    hang in there sister!

  9. don't pertain to me.

    what i wanted to write to you about is that if you type in bioidentical hormone doctor in whatever city you are in you may be able to find a dr. that works with them that will be on your insurance. my gyno is not a homeopath, just a regular m.d. let me know what city you are in and maybe i can help you look? i'm in a suburb of dallas/ft worth and my gyno is ab

  10. normal he will treat me for symptoms anyway. i have had mri's, nerve conduction studies, colonoscopy, endoscopy, sooo many blood tests and everything has been okay except for a borderline low b12 and a low d, which i megadose for now. i literally have every symptoms of the 34 symptoms of menopause except for the ones related to menstruation since i had a partial hysterectomy 8 years ago they

  11. hey!

    Sooo sorry you are going through what so many of us are going through. i have lost my sense of humor and it was the one thing i could always rely on. such a bummer. okay, new gyno was great. ran blood test and saliva test for hormones/adrenal fatigue and i guess he should know something in a couple of weeks. he was very receptive and i am hoping that if the hormones come out nor

  12. love the picture!! ;)

  13. hey, any word on your test results? hope you're ok. your daughter is beautiful by the way!!! do you just have one? have a good day!!

  14. oops sorry! accidentally hit your name instead of "last post" on the message boards. hi, anyway. :)

  15. hey sue,

    i don't have any experience of knowledge with the thick lining issue, but i want you to know that i'm wishing the best for you. take care of yourself!

  16. hi carol! keep taking your vitamin d, make sure it's d3!! i'm puerto-rican so i'm on the darker side too. i think i lost a lot of d because about a year ago i stopped playing tennis and i think my body was like, wait, where's my daily dose of sun?? Anyway, take care of yourself. message me if you need anything or have any tips for me.! :)

  17. thanks kath! very kind of you!! have a great weekend!!

  18. just dropped by to say i hope this weekend is better for you. hang tough. wishing you good things!!!

  19. Just wanted to say welcome and if you ever want to exchange symptoms, just message me. Alll good things, Angela

  20. just snooping around the site! have a great day.

  21. catrinac--ha, too funny about scaring the young folks!!! i sooo regret not working!! i think being at home is making this soo much worse. i think i need to get a part time job, but am worried i will have a meltdown during the interview process. so, for now, it is, what it is. just grateful hubby is supportive and loving, shwew!!

  22. thank you for reaching out. very kind and appreciated. i responded, but waaay late because i had no idea how to use the site. all the best and thanks again!

  23. Ah, thanks so much, just figuring out how to use this site. :) I am seeing a bioidentical doctor wednesday and am hoping for a little relief. This has been so stressful and like so many of us I feel like I have lost myself to this. I didn't realize I was such an angela fan until she wasn't there anymore-ha.

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