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  1. hey! wishing you a good weekend and wanted to tell you i made an appt for a message for thursday. i know you said they help. hope all is well.

  2. just wanted to say hi and i hope you are doing well.

  3. hey ness! i just read your page and i can totally relate to feeling bad about not being the mom or the wife that you were before this started. this hit me like a ton of bricks.

  4. Just checking in with you!! Hope u have a great day!!

  5. Just wanted to say hi! Hope all is well.

  6. Love the housewives! So glad atlanta is starting soon. Anywhoo, thanks for the cyber hugs. I sure needed them as i am worried poopless. But thinking positive. Have a greay weekend.

  7. just wanted to drop by to say hello. have a great day!

  8. Just wanted to say i hope u have a great weekend, pusta.

  9. Sorry using iphone an accidentally hit ur name instead of last post. Have a great day anyway!!

  10. thx bikejen, you have been such a help to me, i really appreciate you.

  11. angel--i watch them all, i am saying this with my head down, toeing the ground in front of me, as i am not proud of this. can't wait to see reunion as i have heard it is going to get caahrazee!!

  12. Just wanted to check on you. you feeling okay?

  13. just dropped by to say hi and hope all is going well!

  14. just checking on you. hey, when is your mri, did you have it already?

  15. just checking on you. i know you're struggling right now. sending you good vibes.

  16. hi pusta! i've had a rough couple of days with anxiety, but nothing major! take care of yourself!!

  17. Just wanted to reassure u about the mri. Mine went without a hitch, dye and all. Wishing u the best! Let us know how it goes.

  18. Wow, so kind. I cld have written that about you, beatrice. U have to know i'm a huge mrsbuff fan!! It sure made my day! I hope ur feeling at least a little better. Did u start the a.d?

  19. Hello! Just wanted to say that i find ur posts compassionate and heartfelt.

  20. just dropped by to say hello. so, hello!

  21. hugs to you mrsbuff! i am sorry that you are struggling with anxiety. remember if the a.d.'s do more harm than good, get dr's help to get off of them. i am hoping all the good karma, all the kindness you have shown comes back to you now when you need it.

  22. maura,

    keep us informed on how the magnesium is going. take care and all the best!

  23. hey! thanks for dropping by. i have been doing well. i feel like i'm slowly getting strong again. although, today, the anxiety monster is trying to rear its ugly head. trudging on, but trudging on a lot more confidently. have a great week!!!

  24. yay! pusta that is great! i seem to be getting better slowly; i don't know if it's all my vitamins or my body adjusting to whatever happened to it? but, i'm grateful!

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