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  1. dropped by to say i can totally relate to your posts! hang in there.

  2. hope all is well!! if you're ever on facebook, let me know! we have a mini support group of about 32. take care and all good things!

  3. Just poppin by to say hello!


  4. soo cute. hope she comes back safe and sound!

  5. dropping by to say hello

  6. hello annette! how have you been? i'm so glad you stopped by to leave me a note...it's sooo hot here. i bet sweden is beautiful right now...i hope all is well with you? things are okay with me.

  7. Just wanted to say hello, how are you doing? all the best


  8. Agela, your message inbox is full, just realised that you started a group on facebox, didn't get it earlier, will get back to you

  9. maura, search for me, i'm easier to find than you are ;)

  10. Hi angela you to

  11. hope you had a good birthday!!

  12. hi pusta! have a great day!

  13. angela~~

    Bachelor pad starts on Monday; i was drawing reference to it from commercials and promo pieces.



  14. angela,

    thank goodness you have the computer to watch reality shows on 'til the cable gets installed. good grief, i'd be in withdrawal for sure if i had to go without! combine the w/d

    with menomadness and ai yi yi!

    hugs doodlepie!


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