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    Loves to read, bake, travel. Now, I still try to do what I love but I have this obsessive thoughts about my health and everyone else's too.. sigh...

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  1. nepal

    Hi AA, I manage to get Hope and Help for your Nerves book last Sunday. It is really a great book. Thank you four recommending it to me. Thank u so much!

  2. Hi nepal, Many thanks for your kind wishes....afraid poor old Ireland's in a bit of a mess at the moment though! Not to mention in lots of debt....still, nothing lasts forever so hopefully we'll be through the worst soon. It's still a beautiful country though and well worth a visit. Hope all is well with you. Mx

  3. AA#1

    Hey Nepal....Hope to see you in chat tonight!

  4. Hi... Happy Birthday.. !

  5. Hello... Happy Birthday... Hope it'll be a great year for you!Byw, Ireland is so cool... always want to go there...

  6. Happy birthday! Hoping you have a happy,

    healthy great year ahead!

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