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  1. Hi Gracie -

    Just popping in to say hi - hope you are doing well! Regards, Marie

  2. Hi Gracie, I hope you dont leave. You are kind and sweet. (((Big Hug)))

  3. Hi Gracie. I saw a post from you yesterday that is not there today. I hope that doesn't mean you have really left. Your posts are kind and compassionate and much appreciated.

  4. hi gracie! just poppin' thru with hugs for you.



  5. Gracie, Just dropping by to say Hello and (((Hugs))) Have a good day!


  6. welcome to PS gracie---glad you finally made the plunge and joined forces with the rest of us here on surge.

    hope to visit with you sometime---

    oodles of big welcome hugs from a fellow virginian---


  7. Gracie, thanks for stopping by my "place" today! Hugs :-)

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