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  1. Hi, How are you. I haven"t seen much of you lately. Hope you are doing well. PM me if you need to.

  2. And hi to you, hope ypu are ok.take care

  3. Just stopped by to say HI. Hope you are well.

  4. Hi, welcome. I can relate to most everything you said in your post. This is a wonderful group of women and we stay close and help each other through alot of meno nonsense.

  5. juat wanted to say hi, how is your house coming along, mine is 11 years and is enough to handle , can.t imagine what it is like renovating a 300 year old, take care

  6. thank you for your wonderful comment. I'm glad to meet you.

  7. to be the best me i can be is a great motto,animals boks, art and gardenwill help you on that part,when i was at my worst i had no energy for my cat though i love here, its much better now. take care

  8. I am happy to be your friend.

  9. Hi,hope you dont mind I added you as a friend! your last post about forgetfullness was really encouraging!


  10. me too, this site is such a good support for me, I would be lost without it.
  11. I couldn't get on either. It's beginning to seem like every Monday morning there is a problem. It's happened to me 3 mondays in a row. What could it be?
  12. I really liked your post ..feeling can lie... this is so true and I needed to be reminded of that today, thanks

  13. Hi at times yes others no, still praying.

  14. Welcome. I too have had bad experiences with medications and have gone to natural remedies to find relief from my symptoms. I'm glad you found us.

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