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  1. heya temp! just doing a flyby with some x's and O's.

    peace and giggles to you, chickienoodle!


  2. angelindskies...right back at ya, sweet woman......no stars, no stars....just peace and laughter, will do me.

  3. hey ya temps-- sending lots of ♡ hugs and ✶'s your direction!


  4. laughing is good, do it at least once a day...cut them in half?... in my case that would be for baby elephants....plus the edges are too sharp.

  5. could not help myself from laughing ot loud,about the elephant magnesium, just cut them in halfs, best regards

  6. debbie, that would be no different than when one goes to google search and googles symptoms of such and such.......yes it can overwhelm if i dwell on it and keep reading it over and over and apply that to me, then it can bring stress on.
  7. omg..............the board stresses people out....................what, is this for real?
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