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  1. Hey Melisa, welcome back. Haven't see you online much lately. I'll assume this means things have settled down with your brother-in-law? I hope it means he's doing well. Good to see you back posting.

  2. I fixed my FB....try again!! Your inbox is FULL!!

  3. Just wanted to say hello to a vibrant beautiful person! Hugs


  5. Hi Melisa, thank you for the comments. Your my first. Damn memory failed me again. I couldn't remember my password and spent 15 minutes trying to log in. Guess I had better right it down. Hope you are doing well. Finally got my period today (50 dys... can't believe it) This my first off schedule period.

  6. Thank you for letting us know that there is a life on the other side of this...

  7. A glass of wine, and I can't spell...interest!!

  8. It's a pretty fish!! I feel the same way about my intersest right now...I spend lots of time trying to decide what I want to do!!


  9. Welcome to the board!! I am 43 and going thru the beginnings of meno now, and yes...it is cruel!!

  10. Hi Melisa,lovely to hear from you and sorry you too suffer with all the same symptoms it really is crazy isn't it? you are the same age too.Wish i knew which hormones were responsible but makes me very confused as seem to have symptoms for low&high everything!!Have tried dietary changes which I think maybe helping.PM if ever you want a chat Melisa

    Take care Kath

  11. Your sysmptoms mimic mine to a tee!! I have been great the last few weeks, even the digestive, until this morning...If you find out which hormone you need, let me know, cause I need the same ones!! Hope you are great today.


  12. Hi Melissa!! Just popping in to see how you are doing and feeling. Have a geat day~ Smile, God loves you!

  13. Hi Melisa, I just stopped by to say I hope you are feeling better today.



  14. Welcome to PS....I hope you find what you need here, if you have any question, please post ,and we will respond!! Where are you from?

  15. Welcome from Arizona, USA! How is Perth? Ive always wanted to go there....

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