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  1. Yes I have seen Nutty Professor...I love Jerry too....

  2. Your Jerry Lewis voice came through loud and clear LOL --

    I love JL - he's such a gas.... Did you ever see the nutty professor? One of my greatest movies...

    love ya kiddo xx

  3. Hey Lady.....and I say that in my best Jerry Lewis voice...just stopped by to say Helllo....and welcome you to PS!

  4. yeah, thanks for visiting mine as well.

  5. dear Lady Nicolette, stopped by to give you a star. You look like you are a 5 stars to me and guess what, I clicked once but it gave me two. So I am right. Your friend


  6. you are such a sweet caring woman. Thanks


  7. You're welcome, Kath. I hope you are feeling a bit better, at least for today anyway --

  8. just stopping by to say thanks for the chat yesterday.

    hope today is a good day


  9. Just stoping by to give you some gentle hugs x

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