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  1. should i put out an APB for you and notify greta and nancy grace of your disappearance???????

  2. are you okay?????? you vanished and i miss you!!


  3. are you doing okay? haven't seen you in awhile.



  4. Awwww what a precious kitty!!!!!!

  5. you must be at work! either that or the meno is really working overtime on you!

    hugs sweetpea!


  6. Hi Karen,

    Welcome to PowerSurge and I am glad you are here. Your posts have really inspired and helped me and I just wanted to say I hope we get to know each other and HUGS!! :) Mary Beth

  7. I loves me some "Earl" too! Glad to meet another fan! :)

  8. hey I love your 'my name is earl' quote on your posts~~had me laughin' out LOUD~~love that show! I see you're a newbie~welcome!

  9. hey karen from virginia! i'm angel from virginia!

    oodles of hugs and btw, welcome to PS!


  10. Howdy Neighbor! I'm from Virginia too. Of course, we didn't get NEAR as much snow here in the Hampton Roads area, but it was just enough for people to forget how to drive. :D

  11. Hi Karen , Thanks ,As you figured I am also a animal person and yep I also have a cat too. Welcome to Power Surge ,you have found a great place with alot of great women. Do you have facebook ?

  12. Oh!!!! I just LOVE those puppies!!!!! I have a Golden myself...I'm such a dog person! :) (and I do have a cat to keep my dog straight, though. lol)

  13. welcome to ps and thank you for adding me on your list of friends. This site will bring you many more friends who will faithfully be here for you let it be to cry, to laugh, to find comfort or to just share anything you need. take care


  14. Welcome to PS. The site definitely kept me sane during my darkest hours. I don't know if I could have gotten thru it without the wonderful women here.

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