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  1. Hope you had a very nice birthday! :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Thanks Lara. We're still taking things day by day. I'm hoping that my hubby can get his ability to read back, at least so that he can do things on the computer. It's what he likes to do the most.

  4. Hi, hope your doing ok. I was sad to read your post. You have alot to deal with.

    I hate when bad things happen to such good people You seem like a really good person. I hope things get better for you soon.

    your friend, Lara

  5. opps, somehow my message got left in the wrong profile.

    well, darlin'cakes, hugs to you too, even though i don't know you.



  6. hey ya chickie noodle~~

    just poppin' thru with some reality hugs!



  7. Dear Sehlat,

    Sending prayers for your husband and you. I am so very sorry.

    Take care sweet lady!

    Meno Stuff

  8. Hi Sehlat:

    Thanks for your help on PF - I'm sorry you get headaches - have you tried Yoga - it really helps -

    Also - I LOVE STAINED GLASS - you lucky girl -to make stained glass is my idea of a dream hobby -

  9. Whoops! My last sentence got cut off, but it says: "Plus I got a new computer and I'm still trying to set it up!

  10. Hi lara47. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you eventually get the five stars, you deserve it! You don't see me quite so much because I don't get on the board very often, although I try whenever I turn on the computer. Between menopause tiredness and bouts of headaches, I tend to get behind on my house chores and thusly have to delegate my time between things anymore. Plus, I just got

  11. hi,Just wanted to sa hi I've never seen you on the board but thanks for being so sweet and caring about wanting me to have my five stars. Hope to see you post more you seem very kind and insightful.


  12. Glad I could help mood_swinger. I too really wish this torture would just go away! When it first started in my late forties, I thought I was going to die I felt so bad all the time! Here I am 12 years later and still having trouble, but at least things seem to be slowly going towards the 'better' direction. :)

  13. Hi Sehlat, you are 5 months older than I, I have no children either, and I have been going through this crap for 10-12 years, too. Hope you are doing better. (thanks for info on pain killers.) mood_swinger

  14. Hi Sehlat. Hope you are having few headaches. Just dropped by to say Hi.

    Meno Stuff

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