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  1. You... are an 'Angel' (not a frog... an Angel!!) ♥♥ Thanks for the talk!

  2. Post menopause...... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Wishing you a Wonderful Thanksgiving, my Dear Friend! ♥

  4. Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!

  5. Hi Kim! Thinking of you... pray you are doing well!! More than half way through the treatments now!! Sandy has #5 next Monday! Sending lots of love your way♥

  6. This has been a LONG week so far... Grandbabies were awesome..... but when I have more time and not so exausted..... I'll write! Miss you!

  7. Missing you! ♥ Hope you are enjoying that beautiful baby boy!

  8. Hmmmmm..... its not like you to not be any where near.... Is baby Beau on his way?? Can't wait to find out!! ♥♥

  9. Thinking of you today, Kim ♥

  10. Hope the closing went well.... You can all take a breather then....maybe? :)

  11. I have followed your posts, Kim.... just stopping by to send good wishes and hoping you are doing well!

  12. More {{hugs}} Miss you!!

  13. Just peeking in to give you a big {{HUG}}

  14. Thank you for your very kind comment on my profile page MrsBuff!! Yes, My Grandbabies are are huge blessing for me! ♥

  15. Just thinking of you! Hope you have a GREAT day, Yep!

  16. Thanks, Mich... for your really kind comments!! Congrats on your Grandson!! It is amazing how they steal your heart.... the moment they enter the world! Love reading all your posts... you have a FANTASTIC sense of humor!! :)

  17. 'VERY HAPPY' you decided to stay at PS!! :)

  18. Thank You, EP!! I am totally enjoying having good 'Grammy' time with both my Grandbabies in St. Louis!! :D

  19. Thank you for your kind words, Marie! And the nice B-da wishes! :)

  20. Thank you for your birthday wishes, Yep! It means alot to me! ♥

  21. I really enjoyed your posts!! Thank you for your responses!! :)

  22. Yep... Hope things are good with you..... miss your posts!!

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