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  1. You... are an 'Angel' (not a frog... an Angel!!) ♥♥ Thanks for the talk!

  2. Post menopause...... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Happy Birthday....Sweet Friend....Love You. :)

    1. yepthatsme2


      May you day...be just as special as you are!

      Happy Birthday.... :)

    2. Kris51


      Thank you ...so MUCH! You know your friendship means the world to me..... Let's BOTH have the best year ever!! ♥

  4. Wishing you a Wonderful Thanksgiving, my Dear Friend! ♥

  5. Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!

  6. Hi Kim! Thinking of you... pray you are doing well!! More than half way through the treatments now!! Sandy has #5 next Monday! Sending lots of love your way♥

  7. This has been a LONG week so far... Grandbabies were awesome..... but when I have more time and not so exausted..... I'll write! Miss you!

  8. Kris...I'm alive. LOL

    Son had his house hit by a small tornado. The roof and 3 "large" trees in back.

    Roof is going up today. Trees...we are still working...(sigh) Missed u...love u much!

  9. Missing you! ♥ Hope you are enjoying that beautiful baby boy!

  10. What a sweet...sweet picture of the grandbabies. :)

    No, Baby Beau yet. Lindsey went to the doctor yesterday. Doc told her Beau is about 8-9 lbs. now. :0

    She will be having a C-section either Wed. or Thur. I'll know more later today.

    Much love to you...my dear friend.

  11. Hmmmmm..... its not like you to not be any where near.... Is baby Beau on his way?? Can't wait to find out!! ♥♥

  12. I have to write ALL my passwords in a book...if, not...this brain would remember...nada. :)

    Hope the grandbabies feel better soon. How exausted your DD must be.

    Could you "shoot" me an email when you have time. I need to add to my address book online.

    I've missed you...hope, you are taking care of "you".

    Love U Much

  13. I Thought you had a split personality there for a minute LOL!!!!!!

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