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  1. hello Madys,

    How are you doing tonight? This peri stuff can be really hard some days. At the beginning I got so many symptoms that I used to cry every day and every night (insomnia) thinking I was dying of some dreadful disease. I feel better now but it has been 7 months with on an off weird symptoms. Don't hesitate to keep posting. This site has helped me regain my sanity and my confiden

  2. Hello KathS,

    I am sorry to hear that you are feeling anxious about your breast again. You know I know the feeling. I have been there and totally relate to it. Please stop worrying, I am sure you are fine. The pain is hard to deal with as it is a constant reminder that something could be wrong. It is awful but it will pass.

    Mrs Buff

  3. just wanted to say HI. Dropped by your profile. Hope to keep reading from you on the posts.


    Mrs buff

  4. Hello Slo66,

    I am here for you if you want to send me a pm. I am really so sorry about what you are going through. I am sending you my best energy and will be thinking about you hoping my good thoughts reach you.


  5. Hi,

    THanks so much for keeping in touch. It is so appreciated. Are you taking anything to help you sleep. Klonopin is really helping me. It is a tranqualizer as well as an anti-anxiety. I still suffer from anxiety but I am dealing much better with it and am accepting my symptoms without going in to negative scenarios. I also take magnesium at night to relax my muscles. I will try to get to th

  6. Hi Slo66,

    Welcome to PS. You will find that this site will give you back your sanity. Just responded to one of your post. Health anxiety is one hard thing to live with.

  7. just wanted to send you another thank you note for posting your answer so fast.

    Beatrice (AKA MrsBuff) In the storm of anxiety

  8. just found your page by browsing. I am 52 and could have written the same thing as you. last night was my first night sleeping well after months and weeks of funny symptoms and anxiety. I am from toronto and just thought I would share my feeling with another Canadian ps.

    thanks for sharing your story

  9. hello Whoameye,

    welcome to ps. Feel free to use my personal message if you need to vent or talk. I wish you a better day today as it was yesterday.


  10. Hi Christi,

    Thanks for the update. Will check into it. Right now I have started Klonopin for Anxiety. I have had a serious panick attack when they called me back to take more views of my mammogram. It seems i have microcalcifications and I went into real panick mode.I am glad you sent me an update. It feels so nice to know that you are thought about. It give you a warm feeling. Hope you are d

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