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  1. hello Anna,

    you don't post very often. Well at least I don' t remember you do but when you do, it is nice to read your posts.

    take care


  2. please let me know what you are going through. I am so sure that you are ok. Went through the most terrifying tests myself to be told that I was ok but the anguish of waiting was awful.

    Feel free to pm me anytime. I might not be able to respond to you today as it is my birthday and will be going out at 6:30pm, Toronto time (which is the same time as New York).

    take care my friend


  3. happy birthday dear Senecaguns. Hope celebration are grand:)

    mrs Buff

  4. Hi Rustie,

    Just felt I needed to check your profile after reading your post on Still Alice. Notice you are pisces like me and wanted to wish you a belated Happy birthday.

    Mrs Buff

  5. hello didgens,

    I enjoy reading your post. You seem to be so together and thoughfull. I have tried to give you your 5th star on your profile but it does not want to do it. I am sorry.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading from you all the time.

    Mrs Buff, B?atrice

  6. hello Inquiringmind, I hope you are doing well. I have not read from you in a while. take care dear friend


  7. hello,

    You are such a sweet woman. I always read your posts as well as they are so comforting. You make everybody feel loved and cared for. take care


  8. what a beautiful comment you wrote to me. THere are so many sisters like you that I would love to meet and hug. You made my day. you are so kind and generous of your time on this board.

    Hope you are feeling better every day.

    your friend, Beatrice

  9. I am so sure you will be fine. I am so upset that medical staff still does not understand how upsetting it is to give such messages to women..

    take care


  10. hello Terriq,

    very nice of you to send me such a nice post. I hope to be reading from you as well. I am glad my posts are somehow useful. I have found that this site has really helped me to travel through the dark tunnel of menopause. Each of us bring each others some light to get out of it. take care, Beatrice


    hugs and may your day be filled with sunshine, laughter and joy


  12. to the Oprah of P.S, thanks again for the many posts. My brain is too frozen or too mushed to be able to gather such info the way you do.

    take care


  13. you are so kind:) thanks for your nice comment. Yes I believe that the best way to conquer your fears is to go through them. If only I could do that with my health anxiety. Take care


  14. Dear friend,

    just wanted to add : the idea of a medical test is for us the most painful part of the test itself. I went for an eye test for glaucoma which is not painful and does not require any meds but went through the worse anxiety few days before. Unfortunately, it is very hard to control so don't hesitate to pm me or anybody that you know as much as you want as reading some reassurin

  15. welcome to P.S. Will be looking forward to reading from you. Have a great journey reading through the many posts that will bring you comfort, joy, friendship and reinsurrance.

    your friend, B?atrice

  16. you go girl for that interview! Whatever outcome, it is great new adventure and a great way to end the year and starting 2010. It is the beginning of a new leaf for you.

    Love my friend


  17. hello dear pisces, just read your post and i am pisces too : was born on March 11. No wonder I felt a connection with you.

    take care from on fish to the other


  18. May tomorrow morning be the beginning of a healing era for you and your family. God bless you dear friend.


  19. just read your post about your mammogram. I happen to have health anxiety and have very often scares from it. I thought you might not know that if you click on top of the posts "View new posts" that you will be able to get into the conversations that we have going for the moment. welcome to p.s. where you will find reinsurrance and great support.


  20. hello,

    I really feel bad that you felt the need to apologize. Your post was meant as a way to share your experience and it was greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to reading from you on the board.

    take care


  21. welcome to ps and thank you for adding me on your list of friends. This site will bring you many more friends who will faithfully be here for you let it be to cry, to laugh, to find comfort or to just share anything you need. take care


  22. hello Peripamelak,

    I hope you are doing better and that Xmas will bring you some joy and comfort. I am so happy to have you as one of my friend. This site is so tremendously comforting having so many women to be here for us.

    take care and amiti?s


  23. dear friend,

    I hope you are doing well. I please count me as one of your friends. YOur posts always sounds so thoughtful and soothing.

    As well, My cat, Pistache, would like to be Jack's friend.

    take care


  24. hello Endless,

    I am happy to be one of your friend. So are you now.

    take care


  25. Welcome to PS. You have come to the right place. Please click on discussion board and start reading the different posts or go to new posts and start reading and you can as well start a new posts if you have any questions. To answer your question : yes, it sounds like you are definitely perimenopausal. You will find many answers to the questions you have. What you are describing sounds very similar

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