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  1. A little haven to find peace of mind. A great place to come when one wants to meditate, search their soul and acceptance.

    I guess Everyone symbolize harmony and search for healing. :) thank you

  2. OMG, Geoff, we are sisters. I read your statement and I feel like you. you are sooo wonderful. Do you know that? I read regularly your posts now as we think alike. went through the same road as you and just got overhelmed when I realized that I was gripped with anxiety. Love Beatrice

  3. hello Melanie, your posts are charming and full of life and positive vibes. It is a pleasure to read from you. hugs to you. Beatrice

  4. Hi dear friend, I will be on face book tonight and if you have a chance, we can talk on Thursday night. Love

  5. HOw menobrain of me, I totally forgot to send you a big hug on your birthday, which was yesterday. SO here it is : A BIG BIG HUG TO YOU. Love, Beatrice

  6. thanks Twogirls for your nice message. Iam so sorry I took so long to respond. I hope you are doing well.


  7. Hello ANtique,

    I want to thank you for your great support. YOur messages and constant care have been a precious support for me in the last few days. It does make a difference to feel the caring around you.

    Love to you.


  8. HI Roundrobin,

    Welcome back. we all deserve a second chance. I second Janet C on that. congratulations on your first year sobriety. I hope you are doing well. It is certainly a new era for you so hope you find solace and peace here.

    Mrs buff

  9. Hi des,

    I am really sorry you are feeling so depressed. I am keeping you in my thought hoping my positive vibes will reach you and give you hope and strength to believe that you will get better BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WILL. I DID. love B?atrice

  10. dear Lady Nicolette, stopped by to give you a star. You look like you are a 5 stars to me and guess what, I clicked once but it gave me two. So I am right. Your friend


  11. what a beautiful smile:) you are as lovely as your posts sounds.

    take care


  12. hi,

    I saw you came to visit me and just wanted to welcome you to p.s. don't hesitate to call on any of us if you have any questions. we are great to provide a shoulder, an ear, a kleenex, a good joke or just a big hug.

    take care


  13. a very very happy birthday. you are such a caring lovely woman and we care about you. Hope today you are being celebrated. You sure deserve it but I am sending you a special thought and a big hug.


  14. just dropping back to say Hi. I keep reading your posts and enjoy them. take care


  15. you look so gorrrrgeous:) thanks for the comment but the white and brown one is my dog LOL. His name is Mr Buff LOL. I am thinking about you hoping your echo went well.

    Your friend, Beatrice

  16. I just love the picture on your profile. thanks for dropping by dear friend.



  17. bonjour mon amie,

    j'ai essay? de te rajouter une ?toile mais cela ne fonctionne pas. Je pense que le syst?me ne fonctionne pas. Comment vas-tu?


  18. hello Annika, just wanted to stop by and say Hi. Thanks for your lovely pm. I will keep in touch with you. You are a sweetheart.


  19. hello Angeleyes. See you have connected with few fellow Australian. Annika is a darling, isn't she?

    take care

    your friend Beatrice

  20. just added you a star but cannot get the 5th one to light. take care Beatrice

  21. hi i came to pay you a visit i noticed you come and see me sometimes. Nice to meet you.


  22. hello Kath,

    Just read your comment on Ankipanki and wanted to tell you that I also noticed that you sound familiar. Both lovely ladies. take care


  23. hello,

    I could have writen your "my content". Take care


  24. you are such a sweet caring woman. Thanks


  25. dear Flutterby,

    I want you to go on the top of your screen, right, you will see : My assistant, click on : overall top 20 posters, then on the right window where it say member's name, type in Janet c, it will give you her personal profile, click on her name and chose send a message and ask her to respond by a comment as you cannot receive yet personal message as you are a new member.

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