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  1. Looking forward to helping each other out :) take care dear friend.

  2. Here is my email if you want to join a group of us on fb : andreesto@yahoo.ca

    Hugs and please relax, you are safe. I swear to you.

  3. Hello Bikejen, wanted to drop off for a while now. Enjoy your posts and your knowledge. Sending you good thoughts. Hugs beatrice

  4. Hi there, you are so thoughtful :) hope you are doing well. Sending you warm wishes of bright and sunny days. Hugs dear sistah. B?atrice

  5. happy birthday Lumz. Wishing you a year that ends menopause crapitude :)


  6. Love so much reading from you. You are witty, compassionate and so down to earth but most of all you have great insight like if you were in our head. Hugs beatrice

  7. wisevixen, I love reading your posts. your commonsense and compassion are appreciated. take care B?atrice

  8. Thanks for dropping by. Your positive post is so helpful thanks for sharing it with us. :) :)


  9. dear Kathy, I am so happy to read your posts. Your knowledge is a great asset to us. I have to say though that I don't understand some of it. I am glad to read that you are feeling better and that you are now making us benefit of your wisdom and knowledge. I love your picture :) take care B?atrice

  10. Hi there,

    thanks for stopping by. your messages always lift up my spirit. let me know how the massage go. I am sure it will relax you. Hugs

    B?atrice :)

  11. Happy birthday dear Tinks :) :) hoping you have a bright sunny day filled with big and small surprises :)


  12. dear Hope and Love, you will be ok, hang in there. it will get better. Mrs Buff

  13. hi angela, I jut noticed your comment. so sweet of you. last few days have been better. trying to stay upbeat and busy. hope you are doing well. sending you hugs


  14. go check your messages Dolliedee. hugs

  15. sending you a big hug. (((Dee)))) B?atrice

  16. I am on chat. want to talk?

  17. dear Angela,

    You are such a sweetheart. You are so focused on other's, your empathy and caring is a blessing to us all. ((((Angela)))) B?atrice

  18. Hi Angela, thanks for dropping by. I just read your statement. So you know, it will get better but yes, you are right, pericrapitude does change us. I want to believe to makes us wiser and more sereine but going through that storm is more than the ride I expected. (((angela))) beatrice

  19. hello two girls, was trying to send you a pm but your box is full. thinking about you a lot and hope you are not worrying too much. I will try to send you a pm later tonight or tomorrow.

  20. hi dear friend, sending you healing thoughts and an easy relaxing sunday. I see you share my love with pets :) take care

    Beatrice, aka Mrs Buff

  21. simply adorable Kris. I bet you are the best grandma in the world. ((Hugs)))

    Mrs Buff

  22. hi dear friend,

    just went on ps to get my mind off of my worries. (((hugs)))) Many many (((Hugs))) dear sis.

  23. just wanted to say hi! I think about you often and hope your anxiety is better. (((Hugs))) dear sweet friend


  24. hi dear fin,

    just drop by to let you know that i still think about you. hope you are doing well and staying away from the heat. Love you sistah. Mrs Buff

  25. hi dear friend,

    dear friend,

    i just read your post and I almost cried thinking what you were going through. Do you a facebook page, many of p.s. sisters, few of them being form California are on it. I know California is a big state, heck it is the population of our whole Canada but I thought you might also find it comforting. there are over a 100 of us on Facebook and we also have a spec

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