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  1. Hello Mrs Buff!

    Are you still on Power surge?  I read an older reply to had given to someone else.  I'd really love to chat with you if you still check in.  I'm having so many terrible periomenopausal symptoms.  I'm on year 8--the most recent being on again off again cramping all month long following a super light period.  What's up with that?  :)  It has my health anxiety in overdrive.  I saw you had something similar?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences.  Thanks so much!

  2. Hi , just wanted to leave this note in appreciation of all you have done for me

  3. Missing you and your Positivity on the site...........

  4. Looking forward to helping each other out :) take care dear friend.

  5. Love it Dearest. Happy Rosh Hashona I will take my time to navigate through it. I really love the like button. However, it did not work. when I came to use it for the first time, it told me "an error has occured, you have reached your quota for the day". It is a minor detail and I jsut wanted to mention it in case you did not know about it. other wise, I like it. take care Mrs Buff
  6. Thank you so much for reaching out to a stranger. You allowed me to find peace within myself, and tell myself.. Im not dieing.... i dont have a yucky illness. thank you!

  7. Here is my email if you want to join a group of us on fb : andreesto@yahoo.ca

    Hugs and please relax, you are safe. I swear to you.

  8. Hello Bikejen, wanted to drop off for a while now. Enjoy your posts and your knowledge. Sending you good thoughts. Hugs beatrice

  9. Hi there, you are so thoughtful :) hope you are doing well. Sending you warm wishes of bright and sunny days. Hugs dear sistah. B?atrice

  10. Thanks for everything!!

  11. hey beatrice,

    dropping by to say hello! you. are. a. good. egg. and i'm glad you're here.

  12. happy birthday Lumz. Wishing you a year that ends menopause crapitude :)


  13. Mrs. Buff,

    You are a sweetheart, thank you so much for the kind words. I can tell you are such a genuine person, it comes through in your words. That is rare to be able to convey that in the written word especially on a forum we are all pretty much anonymous. xo Mich

  14. Love so much reading from you. You are witty, compassionate and so down to earth but most of all you have great insight like if you were in our head. Hugs beatrice

  15. wisevixen, I love reading your posts. your commonsense and compassion are appreciated. take care B?atrice

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