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  1. Hi, How are you. I haven"t seen much of you lately. Hope you are doing well. PM me if you need to.

  2. Nice talking to you.

  3. I,m so glad you found relief you were long over due.

  4. Thank you I said the rosary this am as I do everyday.

  5. Thanks for being there everyday for me it means alot, give me a ring sometime.

  6. Hi pixi thanks for the PM it means alot.

  7. Thanks for everything!!

  8. Hi welcome aboard, these ladies are great!!! Un disable so you can get PM,s or PM me.

  9. I Thought you had a split personality there for a minute LOL!!!!!!

  10. Trying to Pm you your box is full

  11. Thank you same to you!!!

  12. Your family is beautiful!!!! Like their MOM

  13. I was just diag with POTS I tried to PM you but couldn,t get through your not open to recieve messages, could you PM me with how it makes you feel and what your doing for it???? Thanks

  14. It said it went through, maybe you should give it to me again

  15. It said it went through maybe you should give it to me again.

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