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    I love interior decorating,scrapbooking,reality shows and entertaining.
  1. i miss you lara. where are you hiding? i think of you often and hope all is well with you and your family. i love ya! (((angel)))

  2. hey muffinpie~~

    hope all is well in

    your world.

    are you watching big brother this season?

    oh, the drama!

    love ya sweetpea!


  3. that was supposed to say "i think of you OFTEN, lara.

    another oppsies of my rapidly deteriorating brain!

  4. hello muffinpie!

    how have you been doing? i think of you, lara.

    what's new in your world?

    bundles of hugaroonies!


  5. Hi, just wanted to welcome you to this site. You'll find comfort in knowing theres alot of us that come here from all over with similar struggles.

    It has been a God send for me.

    Hope to know more about you.


  6. Hi Marie from New Jersey. I think I like that accent over any others. Thanks again for

    for your support and your comment on the 2 periods a month is hopeful

    thinking for both of us. Hope you are doing well.

  7. Hi Lara -

    Just checking in to see how things are - I hope you are doing well. Have a nice evening. Best, Marie

  8. just wanted you to know you're l♡ved

  9. ✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡✘♡✘✘♡✘♡

  10. Thanks Marie,

    It's just so overwhelming sometimes. All of the symptoms let alone all of the other obsticles life throws you. I do have alot to be grateful for I just have to get through this bad spell again. Thankyou for your prayers and support.

  11. Lara - We're here for you - we are all going through our own peri/meno stuff, and you are not alone. Keep coming here for support and validation. I also recommend prayer. I will say one for you. Best regards, Marie

  12. so sorry i missed your b-day, lara. i hope it was a good day for you and that this year is good to you & your family.

    love ya!

    happy happy b-day!

  13. your inbox is full...i have a pm waiting to send you.

    love ya!


  14. thoughts on big bro and who will win???

    more reality starting up this week---in fact, it's a bombardment of 'em!

    hugs and hope all is well with you!


  15. Just thought I would return the visit and say Hello. I can relate to weight gain and the panic attacks. I've been trying to cut down on

    my ativian and am doing much better. You should feel good about weaning yourself totally off. I'm not ready yet. I'm jealous that you live in such a warm state our weather is so unpredictable here in Illinois. You never no what your going to get.

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