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    Regaining my life! I'm back here after 5 years and I want to let others know...IT GETS BETTER (but it might get worse first)

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  1. hey dollcakes!

    hang in there dee. this too shall pass.

    love you,


  2. Dollie -

    Are you still goin to see Dr. Salvatore in Sept.?

  3. Hi Ness, thank you for taking the time to say hello and being so kind. Its been a long hard (very hard) road and Im not home yet. Even with the Celiac diagnosis I still have terrible peri issues that are not going away with diet. I hope and pray that one day we are all well and back living the life we deserve. God bless, Dee

  4. Have just read your thread about your illness, and just wanted to pop by to say i hope you start feeling much better real soon.x

  5. Hi Dee, just checking in to say hi and see how you are doing. i hope you are feeling some peace and calm and have found some good GF things to enjoy. best, jen

  6. Hi Dollie -

    Just wanted to check in - have you found a GYN yet? Take care, Marie

  7. just wanted to say hi and i hope you are doing well.

  8. Dear Never....

    Sorry my post got cut off. I tried to email you, but you do not have that feature turned on. I am here if you ever want to send me a message. God bless, Dee

  9. Dear Never....

    Thank you for your note. This has been the hardest thing I ever experienced and let me tell you I have experienced ALOT in my life. I wanted you to know that I am still here and still hanging on though there were some nights (and days) in the past few months where I never expected I would be alive now. I am and have been going through things that are so crazy and so mind

  10. Just wanted to say hello & send you my best wishes after reading your story. I`m going through something similar (I have severe ME/CFS)

  11. yes hanging on to that same bit of thread dee so all consuming wish we had an OFF button to press,bless you hang on in there kath x

  12. Dear Kath,

    Thank you for thinking of me, I was thinking of you too. How are you doing? I have been hanging on by a thread. I have never prayed so hard in my life. I hope we all find the answers to our prayers soon. Love and blessings, Dee

  13. hi Dee just passing by hoping you are seeing some improvement, bless you Kath x

  14. go check your messages Dolliedee. hugs

  15. sending you a big hug. (((Dee)))) B?atrice

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