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  1. Jackie if you ever visit here,let me know how you are

  2. The last bit of every post is missin g i was ending the last one telling you that i am having a bad spelling day and that i am slightly dyslectic so i hope you can cope with the spelling. Anette x

  3. So now i am on a low dosis of ad and no other prescribed meds, my body is happier wit as little medication as possible, but i will keep taking the ad until this is over.I never had any severe fysical or mental problems in my hole life ( only allercig to sellery wich can be fatal),so i hope i will come out of this in one recognicebel peace. This got long , i have a bed spelling day today ( i am sli

  4. and so on.the sinus problem is much better i still have fits of sneezing and pleghm but nothing near 5 years ago. i also had allergies and exema wich i havent had since adolecence.Honest to God i'm surprised i survived the first year. I never taken antibiotics in my life an they gave me 3 rounds of exta powerfull ones wich made men even worse (if possible, had severe reactions to the meds so i

  5. Glad you sorted the mag, so you can start munchig.

    Had terrible throat and sinus problem, that how it started, then came the palpitations and severe acing. i was sent for lung exray, fine. Then Spirometri (checking your lung capacity, astma and so on) exellent, sinus exrays fine.

    Nose and throat clinic where the stuck devises down my throat. and up my nose, nothing wrong. Ekg for hart4 o

  6. keep having to clear my throat alot,had a bout of sinus troubles too had anti biotics for that,never suffered before.have you suffered with sinus troubles.

  7. Hi Anette yes thank you managed to swap for citrat so will take 1 tonight before bed see how i get on!! fingers crossed.Must say I seem to have dips and peaks with this peri saga can be fair for a while then just plummet have cleaned up my diet gluten dairy free but sometimes have sweet cravings then it affects my moods big time.Do you find food affects you now? Having trouble with phlegm

  8. Hi Kath did you get your mag sorted?

  9. Know what you mean with the 12 h driving, you certanly would need the proper mag to get yourself back home.sleep well, let me know if you managed to sort it out.

  10. Brilliant thanks for the infomation appreciate it.Will try swap what I brought today as seal intact or just buy new ones did see some with citrat but wasn't sure.Town only 10minutes drive so no problem would drive 12hours if thought would help anyway!!thanks so much will be in touch enjoy the rest of your evening.Many thanks x

  11. Gone totally gaage posted my coment to you to myself. You are not bothering me at all, i am glad to be of help. Tomorrow you could get magnesium Glycinate or chelate or citrat or malate the all absorb well. I am taking Glycinate.do you live in a town or are the health shops far away?

    God luck tomorrow. Anette

  12. Me again just looked on back of bottle its magnesium oxide!! would i be better to buy the ones you mentioned would rather buy again than have trouble with it.which do you take.sorry keep bothering you x

  13. The most common that is badly absorbed is magnesium oxide but if you bought a bottle with just magnesium( not the multi vitamin stuff) i supose it is some of the easier absorbed kinds , se if you can find out so you get the most efficent one, i am surprised how beneficial it has been.

  14. Yes it has made a big difference to the palpitatons and the cramps ,it also calms you down, lessens anxiety. Its perfect to start with 250mgfor a week or so.Now i am taking 6-800 in 3 doses a day. Tray to find out wich type of mag it is, some are not absorbed so well and are helpful for constipation but nothing else relly. Hope you will sleep well after the mag you probably will. Anette

  15. it is just magnesium nothing else on bottle.Just that i read some women build up to taking 800mg?? didn't know if enough to take just 1 at 250mg.Will start tonight then have you found much relief from some symptoms since taking it Anette?

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