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  1. Love ya Journey, you are always in my thoughts and prayers... HUGS


  2. Just dropping in to say hi....hope all is going well for you....((((big hugs))))

  3. Hi Journey,

    Just dropping by to say Love you and thinking of you, Sweet Lady.


    Mary Beth

  4. hey journey,

    i havent seen you lately...i am doing better...feeling a little less stress..btw---i was thinking and i finally figured out how you could meet some people in your area...i kept looking in the chat room to see you....you need to have a yard sale...what better way to meet your neighbors??? think about it!

  5. Hi Dollie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I really hope & pray that today is a good day for you :)


  6. Hi, I hope you got to start your walking today. i was thinking about you :)


  7. You get up at this ungodly hour? LOL..I had to get up and clean out Buddy's crate. Going back to bed. I never get any sleep these days! It really is a nightmare. BTW, Buddy's biopsy was good. He has no cancer! YEAH! Talk to you soon.



  8. Hi Ya,

    I just love your photo. You are gorgeous! Talk to you soon. I did get your message. I will write you back soon. I am going through a real rough time right now, and I can't even concentrate on writing an e-mail. Sorry!



  9. Hi Journey,

    i just wanted to wish you again, a Very Happy Birthday. I hope this year will bring you lots of peace, love, good health and happiness. I hope you had a wonderful day.


  10. hi little lil here I have been going through the same thing for3 yrs now it,s stole my life do you take anything how do you deal with it emotionally without feeling like your going to loose it?

  11. Thanks so much for the birthday wished, I can only pray next year will be better.


  12. Happy Birthday, Journey!

  13. Hi Journey!

    First off, Thank you for being such a great friend! You are a kind person. I do hope the detox is ok, the olive oil one is rough. Thank you for the Info about the soap! I saw it on one and can't wait to try it! And I know things have been trying. KNow that I'm in your corner and you know where to reach me if you ever need to talk.

    Lots of Love,

  14. Hi, Journey,

    It was really nice to talk with you tonight, even if it was the hectic chatter of the insta-chat! I was listening. There is always someone here....I'm on your side and with you. If don't know how to send you a pic of me. I'll think of a way. You are NOT alone, and it is very, very nice meeting you. Talk to you soon! Mary Beth

  15. Hi,

    I see you are a new member at PS, and I just wanted to welcome you. I hope the site helps you to get through this challenging time in your life. Good luck and take care.


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