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  1. thinking of you munchkinpie and sending you oodles of big hugs! i was delighted to see you on the board, but sad to see why. hope you feel better soon.

  2. hey munchkin--hope all is well with you!



  3. can i mail you my skinny jeans? we could call it: "the sisterhood of the traveling skinny menochickies pants".

    just don't send them back to me for quite sometime as my skinnydays are few and far between!

    nice work amber on the weight loss!



  4. happy noodle doodle doo Year!!!!



  5. amber--just read the dental horror story. scumbag dentist!

    scum, scum, SCUM!

    report the beastard!!!!

    oodles of hugs sweetpea!


  6. AMBER!!!

    I miss talking to you. ((((char))))

  7. Thank you for checking up on me!I really appreciate it!I am doing amazing!Doing a check up on my hormone levels in the next week or so..Im curious to see what the numbers read!!

  8. Amber, I just stopped by to check how you are doing. So glad to hear you are doing much better. Keep smiling!!! Hugs, Kathy

  9. just poppin' thru w/some August lovin'--

    oodles of smooches amberwavesofgrain~~~

    hope you're feeling good these days!



  10. Hi Nikki!Doing pretty good. And it's a lil hot!!I just got done walking & I am soaking wet from sweat!(I no attractive HUH!!)haha

  11. Hey girl just stopping by to see how you are doing.I hope all is well..are you mealting in this summer heat yet ?

    It is so hot here in Texas.

    Take care,




  12. Micah, thanks for the message!I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Hope you feel better quickly!!



  13. Hi sweets......come out of my cave today and checking in on all my mates....hope you are well and all is still(trying to be!). Been having a terrible time myself....been feeling very anti-social. Lots of stuff to sort at the moment.....You take care and speak soon.

  14. Hi Bev, hope you are doing okay.



  15. Shar, I sure hope you feel better soon!Your story sounds so familiar!!



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