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    I own and operate an online dessert delivery service bakery called My Flour Garden. I'm happily married to my husband of 14 years and am a proud mom to 2 wonderful children. I love anything related to the Food Netword, expanding my dessert recipe knowledge for my business and simply spending time with my family.
  1. happy birthday, carrie!

    what kind of goodies is the shop baking up in celebration of YOU?



  2. cute pic Missie! Hope that this Monday is a good one for you. xox

  3. Hi, Diana! Hope you are having a great day! See you on FB. ;-)

  4. Cake biz doing really great this week! Thanks for asking. I'm so gonna sleep in on Saturday. Then celebrate my 14th wedding anniversary on V-day! xoxo. C

  5. hey kid.....hows the cakes biz? Whats ya making for V-day...i want pics!

  6. Nice to have you on PS, Dee! This truly is a wonderful site to help peri/meno women. They bring me such comfort.

  7. i need cake!

    send a chocolate one ASAP!

    only your gorgeous cakes will do!




    how are you sweetpea?

  8. thank you darlin'cakes! love love love the website!!!

    you're amazing!

    oodles of hugs,



    you are so cute! just beautiful!!!

  9. Hi, Barb...you are not going crazy. I started having symps at 37. Now 44. Still have new symps as I get older. Latest symp is the heart pain mentioned on the list. Hang in there!

  10. Hello, just stopping by to see if you are having a better day! It was nice chatting yesterday, take care!

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