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  1. How are you Char?havent seen you around in ages!


  2. My Dear Char,

    I love you.

    Hoping you have a beautiful Holiday Season. XOX,


  3. Thanks for adding me as ur friend. Hope ur doing good.

  4. just wanted to say hi! I think about you often and hope your anxiety is better. (((Hugs))) dear sweet friend


  5. sweetpea~~

    keeping you and your family wrapped up in my prayers.


  6. Robin,

    Glad ur back. I'm so happy ur on the right track. (((char)))

  7. a very very happy birthday. you are such a caring lovely woman and we care about you. Hope today you are being celebrated. You sure deserve it but I am sending you a special thought and a big hug.


  8. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday


  9. Hey Sister, checking in on you and wishing you many feel good days.


    Meno Stuff

  10. thank you for your help darlin'doodle!



  11. Hi Char:

    I am just dropping by your profile to say 'hi' and 'nice chatting with you on the boards'.

    TerriQ :)

  12. Hi sister, dropping in to say hello and hope you are feeling well. Enjoy all your posts. Take care sweet girl.

  13. Hi Char,

    Been thinking about your Daughter and wanted to drop by and wish you strength and healing on the road ahead for you and for your daughter. HUGS! Mary Beth

  14. Hi just having read a post,I wanted to drop by and say hope all goes well with your daughter,must be very hard for you all.take care kathS

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