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  1. Hi Catrina , Have not seen you post for awhile ? Just wondering where you are ? Hope you had an Awesome Christmas and Wonderful New Year !!

  2. You are a wealth of nutrition info. Thanks! The system won't let me message you. Could you please explain to my why or why not flax seed is a good thing in peri? I know it's a phytoestrogen but I get confused when I read about its use for meno as good or bad. Thanks a million!

  3. holistic health & wellness, alternative medicine, fitness, and all things health related

  4. Hi Goldaray, happy to give the details of the Warrior Diet. I am also 40, have had a lot of symptoms the last 5-10 years but since changing this one thing am feeling better!

  5. Yes pookish agree with the article, just went off the pill. I wore a fragrance with pheremones for a while to offset. Now that I'm off it may start using again.

  6. Hi Angela, have a good day. :)

  7. oops sorry! accidentally hit your name instead of "last post" on the message boards. hi, anyway. :)

  8. Hi Pookish thanks for great article about estrogen on cancer board.

  9. Hi Lara thanks for posting on my thread.

  10. I was an English major also, have wondered how I could ever go back to school. Why were there no classes on this. Hello, welcome freshman-- the real reason you must work for health insurance--- MENOPAUSE! I would have gone. Maybe I could get a job spookin out the young people, ha just kidding. Hope you are better. :)

  11. thank you for reaching out. very kind and appreciated. i responded, but waaay late because i had no idea how to use the site. all the best and thanks again!

  12. Hi Angela, my symptoms started in early 30s. There are solutions, hope you feel better.

  13. Hi Iradan, thanks for comments on Dukan thread. I'm on my first day of all protein, feel great! This solution will hopefully help me to have more real meals, something I've missed from 10 years of strict dieting.

  14. Hoping that you are feeling a little better. Just thinking of you. :)

  15. just stopping by to say hi and give you a ((((big hug))))

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