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  1. Don't waste our valuable time with your ridiculous user ID, like password and e.mail addresses. You're outta here. Go make trouble somehwere else.

  2. UPDATE ON THE BOARD UPGRADE: This is to inform you that Thursday morning, Oct. 30th, the board is going to be upgraded. The upgrade is scheduled to begin between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM, eastern time. I'm unable to provide the specific time. If you read the top message, you'll see the info about the temporary board I use in situations like this. Just a reminder if you feel a need to communicate with one another, the temp board is at: http://www.quicktopic.com/33/H/NDHffQWfq3HVW Dearest
  3. That site is not connected to this one. Click on "Sign In" at the top and register with the same information you have here. Dearest
  4. *** ADDENDUM: UPDATE A FEW MESSAGES BELOW THIS ONE *** This is to inform you that tomorrow night, Wednesday, Oct. 29th, OR Thursday morning, Oct. 30th (I'll keep you updated), the board is going to be upgraded. That means the board will be offline for a few hours. Again, at this moment I don't know the exact time, but will post it here and in the ANNOUNCEMENTS ON EVERY FORUM when the board will be offline during the upgrade. The reason for the upgrade is the same reason that I had to remove the Insta-Chat. In the past few weeks more than 1,000 spam-bots have registered for the bo
  5. This is new for me, Linda. I haven't really put comments in profiles, but I wanted to tell you, you're the best! :) Alice

  6. If you're logged in, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the screen to use Insta-Chat. Only registered members who are logged in can access the Insta-Chat AND the Main Chat Room. Regarding problems with the main chat room and for those who don't know how to send PM's (personal messages) and use the features on this message board, there's a specific forum for NEW MEMBERS called New Members: Read First. I strongly suggest you read the New Member Information: Read First. It will explain everything you need to know about the above features plus how to use the message board. If
  7. Alisa, When I type in power-surge.com in my browser's address window, it takes me directly to the main page of the Web site. When I type in power-surge.com/php/forums in my browser's address window, it takes me directly to this board. When I type in power-surge.com in google, here's what I get: Product search results for power surge Recoton SM6 6 ... $5.80 - Parts Express ... Power Surge $13.34 - SchoolFundStore.com Plastic Surge ... $5.50 - Ram Plus Computers, Inc. See power surge results available through Google Checkout 1) Power Surge
  8. Floater, Thank you for posting that info and letting me know. That was one of the directories added by the hacker. I deleted it and just checked and found it was back again. I just contacted my hosting company and they deleted the directory via some means I can't access. I'll have to keep watching it. If anyone clicks on that link NOW, it goes to Power Surge's error page - not a general error page on the Internet, but the error page on Power Surge which means that directory and file DO NOT EXIST ON MY SERVER. ****DEAREST NOTE: IN THE EVENT THIS DIRECTORY REAPPEARS ON THE SERVER
  9. arla, Exactly how are you trying to get to the message board? Through a bookmark in Internet Explorer? If you could give me some more specific information it will help me figure out why you're getting an error message. Please provide this information. Thanks, Dearest
  10. Juliann, exactly how are you trying to get to the message board? Through your Favorite Places on AOL? Through a bookmark in Internet Explorer? If you could give me some more specific information it will help me figure out why you're getting an error message. Please provide this information. Thanks, Dearest
  11. I found the problem. This was part of the work of a hacker a month ago. I thought most of the files (I have no idea HOW he put them up on the server) were removed. I just deleted a directory he put up. It makes certain areas of the site go to a different site. It's gone now. I hope that's the end of the error messages, but who knows where he put all these nasty files. CAN THOSE OF YOU WHO HAD THESE PROBLEMS PLEASE TRY AGAIN AND REPORT WHETHER YOU'RE STILL GETTING THE SAME ERROR MESSAGES OR WARNINGS. ALSO, BE SURE TO PURGE YOUR CACHE - CLEAN OUT TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES, COOKIES AND H
  12. squiggle, My "Power Surge Quick Links" are working fine and so are the links to the articles on the right. Dearest
  13. squiggle, thanks for that information. I remember about two months ago some hacker managed to get into the server and mess up some files and everything in google relating to Power Surge went to some strange site. However, we fixed that problem. I don't understand why these hackers can't find something USEFUL to do with their lives! I'll look into this error message. Thanks again. Dearest
  14. greenie, I haven't had any problems getting to Power Surge's main page on the site at www.power-surge.com There is no virus. Power Surge runs virus checks on a regular basis. The only place a virus could come from is from those uploading images (which is why I prohibited it for so long) without first running a virus scan on their own computers. Virus scans have been done on the site and on the board. I have no idea why anyone should have any problem getting to the main site. Are you getting any messages? If so, what do they say? It would be helpful. Thanks, Dearest
  15. I am SO frustrated. The HTML code inside my messages was altered by the board upgrade. Now, many of the links in my messages don't work. When this first happened after the upgrade, I manually edited hundreds of messages, only touching the tip of the iceberg of my 5,400 (approx) messages. I didn't get any replies from the board's tech support people over an entire weekend - last weekend. Finally, I heard from them on Monday after writing to them on Friday night. They told me of a feature in the Admin area where I could rebuild the messages and that should fix the HTML code and make the links th
  16. The above was part of my first message regarding some problems the board was having since the upgrade. This problem should be fixed for everyone now. I no longer get the above message when entering my Control Panel. If anyone else is still getting the above quoted message or any messages on the board about their E.mail addresses being incorrect, please post here. Thank you. Dearest
  17. There are some problems that still need to be resolved in this new upgraded version of the Power Surge Message Board. One of the problems is that I see this in my Control Panel: "Welcome to your control panel Your account summary EMAIL WARNING Your email address has been changed because it was in use by another account. This means that all email will NOT go to your correct email address - this could include lost password notifications, etc. PLEASE change your email address immediately." Firstly, your E.mail address has not changed. There is a glitch somewhere in the setup
  18. Vickie, I miss you very deeply. You should still be with us and in a way you are through all your wise posts! You were taken too soon :( You'll always in my heart. Love ya, kiddo.

  19. I just fixed my problem. What I was seeing was the first post in a topic and the rest were all links. I clicked on OPTIONS at the top of the topic and under DISPLAY MODES selected Standard Mode. Somehow, it got changed to OUTLINE. Has anyone else had that same experience with their posts suddenly displaying differently? Dearest
  20. KSheets, I just noticed something different in the way posts are displayed and I've changed nothing in my settings. I'll have to look into this. It's possible when you got the message "unable to connect," the server was being rebooted. That sometimes takes 10-15 minutes. During that time the site won't display. I'll check on it. If the problem continues, I'd recommend removing the link to Power Surge - then putting it back again. Also, I ALWAYS go directly to the main page at http://www.power-surge.com and click on Message Boards in the menu on top. Dearest
  21. Jonie, a big you're welcome . . . on all counts Dearest
  22. Important Note: Let me clarify, members cannot arbitrarily change their own user names. This MUST be done by Administration so the changes take place in the database as well. Message board 101: Just a quick explanation for those who don't know. Th entire area at www.power-surge.com/php/forums is called a "board" (message board). As you scroll down the main page of the Board, you will see a long list of FORUMS. Within each forum, you will find many TOPICS. Miss Tibbs is referring to the FORUM, Welcome, Newcomers: Read First where you will find the TOPIC READ FIRST: NEWCOMER INFORMATION
  23. Ellen, in the future, if you wish to post this kind of request, that's fine -- however, I'd ALSO recommend you send me a private message (PM) asking me to delete the blog you created. That way you're covering all bases. I, and the other Admins, don't always get into this topic for various and sundry reasons. From what you've written, "...the other day i was 'exploring' & created a blog. but i really didn't want to do that & now i can't figure out how to get rid of it. any advice?" -- it's obvious that you wish to have your blog deleted. I will do that for you. Dearest
  24. Jonie, As far as the message you're receiving when you're unable to post on certain topics, there are topics that are for Admin only. Also, many of the articles or links I put up under "Important Topics," I will lock the topic as it's not intended for responses. You can check the icons to the left of the topic you're trying to post in and, for example, if you see an icon with an "x" in it, you'll know that's a closed topic. As for your other question regarding the pages refreshing all the time, it's been suggested in the past that that may be due to activity going on in insta-chat wh
  25. Oh, for goodness sake! The world hasn't come to an end. LOL! You can use your dancing dots all you want. They are smileys that are in the public domain. You are not doing anything wrong by using them as long as you point to the Power Surge server (domain name, aka power-surge.com). The right link to the dancing dots is: http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/smilies/partyline.gif All the smileys are on Power Surge's server Dearest
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