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  1. We got it fixed. To the right of "Read New Content" on the menu, I noticed a symbol (kind of like a pear-shaped diamond). I suggested template click on that symbol - and on the next screen, to be sure to click on "Communities," and there's another link to read new content. That one worked for her. Dearest
  2. If you need any information about how the Power Surge Message board works, you will find answers in the HELP AREA linked below: http://www.power-surge.com/php/forums/index.php?app=core&module=help Best, Dearest
  3. The bottom line is that the message board had a major power surge some time between 3 AM Saturday morning and now, 3 AM Sunday morning. The problem has been resolved. The board has been restored with a backed up file from 24 hours ago. Therefore, if you managed to post any messages during the past 24 hours, they won't show up in this restored back-up. Please feel free to post your messages again, and please be patient. As you all should know by this juncture/transition of your life, many things don't run as we would have them. I'm going to get some much needed sleep. Best,
  4. I'm anxiously awaiting a response from the invision Board people. The blog should be showing up soon. Please be patient, This has been a particularly complex upgrade and is not going to happen overnight. Thanks for your patience, MommaJo. Dearest
  5. A new topic for navigating the Power Surge board will be created. Much of the current information in this forum was written for the previous version of the board. The board has many new changes. We are still in the process of setting up the features. Your patience and cooperation are appreciated. Thank you. Dearest
  6. wifeisdepressed, It is not your browser that caused the problem with the "Report" button not showing. It was simply not there! For some reason, still unbeknownst to me, the Invision Board people did not set up the default configuration with many features everyone would want - and that included the "report" button. However, as you can see that problem has been remedied - as will the rest of them. Part of the problem, too, was that the previous version of the board (in many incarnations) had a myriad of links to make everything so much easier for everyone. This newest version is the mos
  7. The Power Surge Message Board has been upgraded - although the work isn't complete. I, personally, have been awake for approximately 40 hours. For those who don't know, Bijay is Power Surge's senior engineer. He does the "stuff" I can't. He's worked for Power Surge for years and is a good, honorable and reliable friend. However, India is 9 1/2 hours ahead of Eastern time in the states. I was up to meet him at 1 A.M. to begin the task of downloading an upgraded Invision Power message board. The board has been overrun by spammers and has needed an upgrade for some time. Unfortunately, I was focu
  8. Don't waste our valuable time with your ridiculous user ID, like password and e.mail addresses. You're outta here. Go make trouble somehwere else.

  9. UPDATE ON THE BOARD UPGRADE: This is to inform you that Thursday morning, Oct. 30th, the board is going to be upgraded. The upgrade is scheduled to begin between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM, eastern time. I'm unable to provide the specific time. If you read the top message, you'll see the info about the temporary board I use in situations like this. Just a reminder if you feel a need to communicate with one another, the temp board is at: http://www.quicktopic.com/33/H/NDHffQWfq3HVW Dearest
  10. That site is not connected to this one. Click on "Sign In" at the top and register with the same information you have here. Dearest
  11. *** ADDENDUM: UPDATE A FEW MESSAGES BELOW THIS ONE *** This is to inform you that tomorrow night, Wednesday, Oct. 29th, OR Thursday morning, Oct. 30th (I'll keep you updated), the board is going to be upgraded. That means the board will be offline for a few hours. Again, at this moment I don't know the exact time, but will post it here and in the ANNOUNCEMENTS ON EVERY FORUM when the board will be offline during the upgrade. The reason for the upgrade is the same reason that I had to remove the Insta-Chat. In the past few weeks more than 1,000 spam-bots have registered for the bo
  12. This is new for me, Linda. I haven't really put comments in profiles, but I wanted to tell you, you're the best! :) Alice

  13. If you're logged in, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the screen to use Insta-Chat. Only registered members who are logged in can access the Insta-Chat AND the Main Chat Room. Regarding problems with the main chat room and for those who don't know how to send PM's (personal messages) and use the features on this message board, there's a specific forum for NEW MEMBERS called New Members: Read First. I strongly suggest you read the New Member Information: Read First. It will explain everything you need to know about the above features plus how to use the message board. If
  14. I am SO frustrated. The HTML code inside my messages was altered by the board upgrade. Now, many of the links in my messages don't work. When this first happened after the upgrade, I manually edited hundreds of messages, only touching the tip of the iceberg of my 5,400 (approx) messages. I didn't get any replies from the board's tech support people over an entire weekend - last weekend. Finally, I heard from them on Monday after writing to them on Friday night. They told me of a feature in the Admin area where I could rebuild the messages and that should fix the HTML code and make the links th
  15. The above was part of my first message regarding some problems the board was having since the upgrade. This problem should be fixed for everyone now. I no longer get the above message when entering my Control Panel. If anyone else is still getting the above quoted message or any messages on the board about their E.mail addresses being incorrect, please post here. Thank you. Dearest
  16. There are some problems that still need to be resolved in this new upgraded version of the Power Surge Message Board. One of the problems is that I see this in my Control Panel: "Welcome to your control panel Your account summary EMAIL WARNING Your email address has been changed because it was in use by another account. This means that all email will NOT go to your correct email address - this could include lost password notifications, etc. PLEASE change your email address immediately." Firstly, your E.mail address has not changed. There is a glitch somewhere in the setup
  17. Vickie, I miss you very deeply. You should still be with us and in a way you are through all your wise posts! You were taken too soon :( You'll always in my heart. Love ya, kiddo.

  18. The PM - Personal Messenger is a special feature the Power Surge Mesage Board offers to registered members. It's similar to a mini mailbox, but it has to be maintained and cleaned out just as you do your E.mail. When you don't clean out your personal messages it causes an overload on the database and server and creates the potential for board problems. This is already happening. Please DELETE ALL messages (incoming AND outgoing) you don't need in your PM boxes or they will be automatically DELETED by the board. It's very simple to delete messages. You can click on the "new messages"
  19. How dare this board cut ME off! LOL! The part that's missing said...

    You are the sister I never had and I'll treasure that and you forever.

    Hugs 'n love,


  20. MaryO,

    You are my oldest and dearest friend in Power Surge, going back to the days on AOL. I value your friendship, your decency, your kindness and your smarts.

    You've been such an integral part of Power Surge for, oh, about 11 years now, and I can't imagine Power Surge or life, for that matter, without your friendship.

    You are the sister I never had and I'

  21. VJ, think we'll ever figure out these changes? Just think, we've only been at this since 2 am and it's now 10:30 am. So much for an hour to upgrade the board.

  22. The live "regular" chat room hasn't been used as much as it used to. After 12 years of regular guest chats, I had to take a breather from them due to my mother's situation and my own health issues. When I wasn't running back and forth to co-caregive my mother, I was running to doctors. At the same time, even my posting on the board was reduced greatly. In short, I was simply exhausted. I was hoping to resume the guest chats this Fall or Winter, but we shall see. Putting together weekly or even bi-monthly guest chats involves a great deal of preparation. It doesn't just "happen" by itself
  23. By the way, I just opened the same E.mail. There are no attachments to it. If you look at the contents of the E.mail very carefully, you'll see that all they are are the board stats that are on the bottom of the main page of the boards (what a rocket scientist this hacker is). BUT, as long as he got "porn" in the subject line. Unbelievable. Dearest
  24. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this most recent invasion of Power Surge's board (sigh). The board was broken into by a hacker (as opposed to a Chippendale dancer), and he sent out mass E.mails to all the members on the message board -- pretending that it came from power-surge.com. It didn't. Just ignore and delete those emails. There is no danger if you opened the E.mail, but if there's any attachment don't download it. You can't get a virus by opening an E.mail - only by downloading something attached to the E.mail. Power Surge's senior programmer, vjchef, and I have
  25. From The Dell Web site: BATTERY RECALL (From Dearest: If your notebook is listed here and is charging / plugged in, disconnect it immediately) Dear Dell Customer, Dell has identified a potential issue associated with certain batteries sold with Dell Latitude?, Inspiron?, XPS? and Dell Precision Mobile Workstation? notebook computers. In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other regulatory agencies, Dell is voluntarily recalling certain Dell-branded batteries with cells manufactured by Sony and offering free replacements for these batteries. Under
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