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  1. Don't waste our valuable time with your ridiculous user ID, like password and e.mail addresses. You're outta here. Go make trouble somehwere else.

  2. This is new for me, Linda. I haven't really put comments in profiles, but I wanted to tell you, you're the best! :) Alice

  3. Vickie, I miss you very deeply. You should still be with us and in a way you are through all your wise posts! You were taken too soon :( You'll always in my heart. Love ya, kiddo.

  4. How dare this board cut ME off! LOL! The part that's missing said...

    You are the sister I never had and I'll treasure that and you forever.

    Hugs 'n love,


  5. MaryO,

    You are my oldest and dearest friend in Power Surge, going back to the days on AOL. I value your friendship, your decency, your kindness and your smarts.

    You've been such an integral part of Power Surge for, oh, about 11 years now, and I can't imagine Power Surge or life, for that matter, without your friendship.

    You are the sister I never had and I'

  6. VJ, think we'll ever figure out these changes? Just think, we've only been at this since 2 am and it's now 10:30 am. So much for an hour to upgrade the board.

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