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  1. I like this feature and just added mine. Interesting to see who is in what area of the universe. thank you Mary.
  2. chat room looks very nice. I'd say go for the 50 user price.
  3. The insta chat I only saw for a little bit when Alice brought it back a few years ago. Wasn't here for the first time around, but did hear the ladies liked it.
  4. I just took a peek in the chat~room, was just me, but it worked!! Back a year or more ago, when lots of us chatted, we'd have sometimes between 5-12 people at a time. I think we should/could go for the 20 people in a chat.
  5. I think (just my opinion here..) the boards should remain open for guests to view as it has been in the past, unless being open would cause malware stuff..to happen again.
  6. I just made a donation (anonymously). Today I purchased a pre~paid card as I have never online placed any banking information (credit cards, bank accounts). As I mentioned before, I've always sent personal checks (old daze...lol) Anyway, pre~paid is another option. The donation went right through in less than 3 seconds.
  7. Sounds like a good way to donate. I've always sent personal checks for donations directly to the web provider, this way the balance can be seen as Mary says and no rushing at the last minute for monies needed on the yearly due date.
  8. I want to donate also. May I suggest when we get to the part of donations (before or after malware problems) we could donate monthly as well as an annual fund raiser. Reason being, many people come and go through the months and years and who will be here a year from now could be different than today. All monies, small and large and medium..add up.
  9. MaryO, Thank you for all that you have been doing during this time that I know has been difficult for you, and so many others on this board.
  10. I forgot to add, when MaryO or anyone else replies to your pm, next to your name (upper right) there will be a red "light" next to your name, click that to view the private message. hope that helps.
  11. dkw pm is personal message, click MaryO's name on the left of her posts, it will direct you to her personal page and in the upper middle it will say send her a message (privately). Click the send her a message bar.
  12. Template, About a month ago (for a wk.) I kept getting the same message (and it gave a code..numbers of which I now forget). Would not let me get to power-surge at all. After a few days it would let me get to the main page, but not to the forums. Finally, after a week (I checked everyday) I could get to the forums and noticed no threads that anyone was having problems, ((discussions as usual)or statements saying servers not connecting. So, I am figuring it was my laptop and norton anti virus being extremely sensitive (laptop is 4 months old). did you run scans on your computer?
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