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  1. Sorry the new site is confusing and overwhelming you have lost me..

  2. Just thought I would drop by for a visit, and to say hello.

  3. Hi Tara gosh I'm silly sausage. lMeaning to a comment for you and left it on my profile comment bit lol.. I'm good how are you. Yes things are good down under. As aussies say we do live in the lucky country.. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Hi Dearest.. Thought I would drop by.. Hope all is well with you.. Anyway good to see you on the boards ..

  5. I hope all is well for you. Thanks for the birhday wishes..

  6. Thank you for the birhday wishes..gizzie

  7. Hi Just dropped by to have a sticky beak. Noticed we are both June 1956 bubs..

    Happy Birthday..

  8. Just thought I would drop by and a have sticky beak.. Hows the weather in Perth.. Bloody cold here in Sydney..

    cheers gizzie

  9. Hi again welcome to ps. This is really a good site to find.. Keep reading keep posting. Ave a good weekend ..

  10. Hi I tried to pm you had your message disabled. All the best. Keep posting..

  11. Hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel...

  12. just stop by. hope you didn't think .I was being rude.. lot of trouble lately with the eyes.. Hot flushie keeping you awake hey, all part of it I'm afraid.. Again welcome..

  13. just thought I would drop by and welcome you. A lot of imfo to gather. keep reading and keep posting.

  14. I hope you got thoes energy vibes... Plus the $$$$ All the best

  15. Welcome jackie to ps. This site is wonderful, so much imfo to gather. Keep reading and posting.

  16. Welcome aboard you will find some good sound info here.Keep reading and posting..

  17. Hi mandi I also feel for you.. hope you got my email today.

  18. Hi just droppin by hope your having a good weeend..

  19. Hi jdog

    Welcome back welcome back.. can't stop staring at puss playing, swirling around on that record turn table, Brilliant

  20. Thank you Karen Hey you are one hot lady Marty would love you !!!!

  21. Thank you Deb

  22. Thank you bella for your kind words and surport,,not easy but we wil get there..

  23. thank you for prayers and thoughts

  24. sending a prayer your way too..

    god bless gizz

  25. Just dropped by if you are Ok. I know life can be bloody hard..

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