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  1. hey muffinpie--

    stopping in with some hugs, hoping all is well in your world.



  2. Hi Stitch,

    Been a long time since we chatted.

    I think of you and you are in my prayers every day.

    Plus I love ya and

    Wishing you smiles and good things. (((HUGS))) ~MB

  3. Hi Stitch - Thinking of you and as always, wishing you good things.

    Lots of Love,


  4. Happy Birthday to you! Hope it is fun.

  5. I hope you are having a great Birthday!!!

  6. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy birthday. Enjoy your day.


  7. Happy Birthday!!! I hope that you are having a fantastic day and lovely weekend. Hugs!

  8. Hey Stitch - Happy Birthday to you dear friend! I hope it is a great day xox

  9. Just stopping by to tell you what a wonderful lady you are. You always cheer me up.

    Hugs, Meno Stuff

  10. just bopping thru with some hugs for you stitch. love ya sweet sister.


  11. mrskrabs:

    Thank you so much! I figure if we cannot laugh through some of this then we are lost for sure. I hope you are doing well. Hugs,Jeaninne

  12. I just read your Cinderella joke! You are very funny:) I have enjoyed all of your posts and help! Please take care!

    Mrs Krabs

  13. I just wanted to stop by to send you more (((HUGS))). I am so sorry for everything that you are having to deal with right now. I hope things work out for you. Take care. love, gb

  14. Je, thank you so much for reminding me to keep looking for Him and the hugs. Hugs, J

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