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  1. I've noticed that even though I've read a post, it's flagged as "unread". I don't know why that's happening either, something new I guess.
  2. Oh Mary, I'm so sorry to hear of all you have going on. Don't worry about anything else, concentrate on your loved ones, they are much more important. Take Care, I'll be praying that all will turn out well. Jen
  3. Mary - I'm having issues trying to go to the last post on a topic, it brings me to the very first one and then I have to scroll down to find the last one. Is there a shortcut I can use like on the old site? I hope I explained that right. Thanks!
  4. That's good news Mary - Thank you for all your hard work and the merriest of days to you!
  5. MaryO - how are the donations going? Will PS be up and running for a while? I certainly hope so -
  6. That sounds great - I'll pay the first two months! Thanks Mary O for your perseverance!
  7. So I'm guessing that "quoting" is not an option for me since I have version 11 (according to my son)...that's fine tho and thanks to everyone for trying to help - much appreciated!
  8. I just quoted your above post and now I'll hit post and see what happens
  9. I'm clicking the "quote" but it isn't showing up in the box to post - must be something wrong
  10. I'm an idiot - still can't do it - thought I did everything posted?
  11. Can someone tell me how to "quote" someone's post - I try just going to quote before I type in my comment but I seem to be doing something wrong as it doesn't work - thanks!
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